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Nine Months

7 Oct


A bit belated, but at nine months, Charlie…

:: Figured out how to pull himself up to stand in his crib. We are excited and proud and love to walk in his room when he wakes up from a nap to see him standing at the end of the crib, grinning. It does, however, make going to sleep seem slightly boring to him, which means our nap/night routine has taken a bit of shifting around. Eventually the novelty will wear off…right?

:: Crawls all over the place. We are pretty babyproofed (at least in the rooms where he is the most), and now have a stair gate and a doorway gate. Thankfully they are fairly easy to open, and they also give him something else fun to pull up on.

:: Still thinks bath time is the BEST. THING. EVER. He loves to splash from one end to the other, pull himself up on the sides of the tub, play with the faucets, splash some more–he has a blast. When I carry him up to the bathroom after dinner he starts kicking and wiggling with excitement because he knows bath time is on its way!

:: Speaking of dinner time, we’ve gotten messy again. He’s enjoyed bacon, figs, salmon, cauliflower, pieces of chicken, curry, courgettes…pretty much whatever we are eating, with lots of sliced fruit/veg when we have things that are too soupy.

:: Says “mama”, “dada”, and “bop bop bop,” along with a bunch of other great little nonsense words. I don’t think he relates them to us yet, but he says them all the time.

:: Passed his 9 month review with flying colors! The Health Visitor (a community nurse with a focus on children/family who does home visits) came and checked him over, asking lots of questions about things he does and observing him playing. He scored above his age in every cognitive area (he was pretty much up with the 11-12 month olds)! Yes, I am a proud mama.

:: Has two bottom teeth, and the top two finally cut through two nights ago (okay, technically I should save that for the ten month update)!

:: Visited Pennard Castle & Three Cliffs Bay, Sheffield, a weightlifting competition, celebrated his dad’s birthday, chased ducks at the Baddesley Clinton Gardens…it was a busy (and fun) month.

(This is a recap of what was going on between August 12th and September 12th…his ten month update will be in just a week, so yes, there’s even more happening with this busy baby!)

Eight Months

19 Aug


At eight months, Charlie…

:: Is all about standing! He still needs to hold on to the couch, coffee table, or our hands, but he’s slowly starting to let go every now and again to test the waters. He can pull himself up quite well and still grins like a nut once he’s in standing position. He’s also a fan of taking steps when we’re holding both his hands…walking may not be far away (yikes)!

:: Loves crawling nearly as much as standing. He does a really fast army crawl that gets him pretty much any where he wants to go. Usually he’ll pause for a moment and then breathe excitedly as he elbows his way towards his destination. We’ve begun the babyproofing and have a free “home safety visit” on Wednesday, where I’m sure we’ll be told that every room is packed with danger.

:: Sits up like a pro. He can even go from sitting to crawling forward, especially if he’s in the bathtub (the kid’s a huge fan of pulling the drain plug out).

:: Thinks bathtime is the best. We put a couple of inches of water in the tub and then he wiggles around on his belly, splashing like crazy.

:: Has gotten a lot more hair, although it’s super fine and thin like his mama’s. It still has a bit of curl to it, but nothing like his dad’s. We aren’t totally sure what color it will be once it thickens up, but probably a light brown with a little auburn.

:: Makes a much wider variety of sounds, but still lots of pterodactyl screeches and puppy dog squeaks. He yells really loudly whenever I blowdry my hair or use the vacuum and seems to get quite a kick out of it.

:: Other favorite pastimes – strumming the doorstops, digging through his treasure basket, rolling various crochet/felt balls, laughing at mom and dad when they make silly faces.

:: Still loves smiling at everyone and doesn’t mind when people stop to say hello. We haven’t had much separation anxiety or “stranger danger” which has been really nice.

:: Has one tooth and another one (hopefully quickly) on its way. Teething…not fun. He tends to get pretty grumpy and moody when his teeth are bugging him, which is rough simply because he’s normally so happy! He also doesn’t like to chew on any of the “teething” toys or standard remedies (cold cloth, etc), preferring hands instead (his, mine, dad’s).

:: Decided to forget that he can roll over if he’s not happy on his back — instead, he grunts loudly and slams his legs on the floor. This typically happens during diaper-changing time, which can sometimes make the process a bit cumbersome.

:: Is totally fine with loud gunfire. Haha. We stopped at a WWII reenactment last Saturday and saw an incredible battle scene, complete with lots of loud shooting. Charlie just watched, no big deal. Dyson air blade hand dryers, however…are apparently the most frightening thing ever.

:: Likes peaches, apples, and parsnips…probably because I have them in the fridge more often than not, so this is what he tastes the most. I’ve been giving him a variety of things from our meals, but tend to go with the “less messy” foods for right now.

:: Loves being read to, especially his alphabet book, a crab finger-puppet book, or the Very Hungry Caterpillar.

:: Has the absolute best, squealy, shrieky laugh.

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

8 May


We’ve got a roller. It took a few days of alllllllmost rolling over, then another day or so of grabbing on to various objects to heave himself onto his stomach, but on Thursday he made it happen. Now I can barely set him down for a minute without an immediate flip over. He hasn’t figured out how to roll from his stomach to his back yet, so after a few minutes of grinning, looking around, and an excited scream or two, he’ll start getting fidgety until we flip him back. I guess this is the first step on the road to actually babyproofing our house (well, to some degree).



Also, I pulled out my “nice” camera and actually used it! Yay! I’m keeping it in the living room now, out of its case, so that I will hopefully be using it more.





Pregnancy Update – 27 Weeks

28 Sep

How far along? 27 weeks

How big is baby? The size of a head of cauliflower (2.5lbs)

Total weight gain: +21lbs

Maternity Clothes? A sweet friend of mine gave me some of the pieces that she’s outgrown, and I’m so glad to have a pair of shorts to wear to Sea World tomorrow!

Stretch marks? Nerp.

Sleep: Not much of a change except that without fail, I am now waking up 20 minutes before my alarm goes off. No matter when my alarm is set to. I’ve thought about setting it for 20 minutes past when I actually want to get up, but haven’t felt like taking that chance yet. It’s strange — maybe my child can read my alarm and just wants me to lay in bed and hang out with him for 20 minutes before getting up? Who knows!

Movement: Movin’ and shakin’! This last week of work has been a busy one, and I can tell now that whenever I get stressed, he notices (and moves around like crazy). It’s a good way to practice my relaxation breath, especially when I’m driving.

Food cravings: This week has been pretty food craving-free. I’ve been majorly watching my sugar intake though (hello gestational diabetes test next week), so I’m pretty sure I’ll be due for a trip to Bon Ami after next Wednesday.

What I miss: A number of my shirts that still kinda fit but are too short to wear without a tank top. And at this point, layer in the Florida fall is still way too hot for me.

What I am looking forward to: Not feeling like everything is up in the air. We’re still waiting on things from the UK Border agency, and the backup may be longer than we thought. We’re looking into some other options, but there’s also  a chance that we will be here until after the Wee Baby Jones is born. I’m really hoping we can get everything straightened out, but it’s a weird feeling not knowing whether we will be leaving here in two weeks…or four months. I feel like God has given me a great peace about where we’re at, especially since we know that everything is up to Him anyway. Even so, I am definitely looking forward to having a better sense of where things will be going in the next few months.

Milestones: His eyelids can now open and close, which seems crazy to me because I definitely can’t open my eyes underwater. It’s fun to think about what his view might be (and what on earth he thinks about where he is).

Oh, and THIS: Mr. Jones got his blood tested this week, and he’s Rh positive (the typical type). Since I’m Rh negative, I get to enjoy an awesome RhoGAM shot next week. Blech. If you’re like me and had no idea that your blood type could mean you might have to get a shot at 28 weeks (and after the baby is born), check out this article from the American Pregnancy Association.

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