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Friday Faves, March 18th

18 Mar

friday faves march 18th

1 :: Breezy and simple, perfect for these warm days! The McGillicuddy dress from spottedmoth.com.

2 :: After my last post on chicken stock from your crock-pot, this Slowcooker Chicken Soup from Nourished Kitchen is only fitting. Hopefully it will be soothing for those of you dealing with all the allergies and sickness that the change in seasons can bring.

3 :: These Paper Cuts by Joe pretty much blow my mind. An amazing gift for an anniversary, wedding, or whatever. They’d be great framed or in a shadowbox.

4 :: Time to start thinking about spring craft projects! These simple spring napkins from Molly’s Sketchbook are a great way to use up the extra fabric you have hanging around.

5 :: I love all the prints in Handz’ etsy shop, but this mid-century “In the Kitchen” print is my favorite (especially the bright colors and pyrex inspired dishes).

6 :: I’ve been listening to Jeremy Larson’s new album on repeat ever since it came out. So beautiful, and the album artwork is just as inspiring.

Friday Faves, February 25th

25 Feb

friday faves feb 25

1:: The Gap’s spring collection is full of simple, modern shapes. I love the yellow pop of color this comfy pull-on skirt can add to a neutral outfit.

2 :: I’ve always been a big fan of roasted garlic, but roasted shallots? How have I not tried this yet?! Definitely adding Orangette’s Vinegar Roasted Shallots to my list of things to make.

3 :: Elsie from A Beautiful Mess never ceases to inspire me. She and her friends just finished putting together this fun, sixties-inspired video for her new clothing line.

4 :: I never seem to have enough hangers, but if I end up with extras, I’d love to try this ReStyled abstract hanger mobile from Rachel at Smile and Wave.

5 :: The simple lines of this White Mushroom Trinket Dish by ALDdesigns are a perfect balance for the treasures it can hold on your nightstand or dresser.

6 :: MemoryDust is having a huge sale on their prints, including this awesome bicycle piece, printed on old dictionary pages. $5 is such a steal!

Friday Faves, February 4th

4 Feb

1 :: This Creme Daisy Applique dress from Top Shop would be great on a date (say, Valentine’s Day?) with a wrap or sweater and tights, but it’ll also transition nicely in to warmer weather.

2 :: Sunday is the Superbowl (in case you didn’t know), so it’s time to start rounding up some recipes for munching (and avoid buying the case of frozen quesadillas). Pioneer Woman’s Beef Fajita Nachos look incredibly tasty and will definitely keep hungry tv-watchers’ appetites at bay.

3 :: I’m loving this fun promo film from House Industries. They own some of my favorite typefaces, along with a bevy of smartly designed objects and posters. The sign painting and lettering shown in this film blows my mind–I don’t know how they do it!

4 :: If I could put just one thing on my Valentine’s Day wish list, it would be this I Love My City print from Judy Kaufmann. Her illustrations are beautiful, and this print is by far my favorite.

5 :: If you’re looking for a fun DIY project to add a little charming fun to your decor, these coffee filter pom poms from Creature Comforts are perfect! Cheap, simple, and easy–they also make great gift toppers.

6 :: The days are slowly starting to get longer, but there’s still lots of evening darkness floating around (even here in the Sunshine State). Say “Goodnight, Moon” with this embroidered wall art from Jenn Pierce. Her embroidered pieces really make me want to try my hand at embroidery!

Friday Faves, October 15th

15 Oct

Friday Faves, October 15th

1 :: Fall in Florida means there’s just a slight chill in the air–well, in the mornings anyway. It’s the perfect weather to start layering, and the Play it Cool Blazer from ModCloth is ideal.

2 :: This terrarium display from A Beautiful Mess is easy to make and fun to look at. I can see it set off with some small gourds for fall, then taken into the holidays with pine cones and ornaments mixed in to the display. I have a bunch of black and white photos that I’d love to use in this–now to find some small (free) jars and a place to set it up on our little apartment.

3 :: Photobooth Dogs–it just doesn’t get much better than that. This book is filled with photobooth pictures, both current and vintage, of one cute dog after another. The older photos of dogs with their owners are especially charming.

4 :: The Owl’s House print from Darling Clementine is one of my favorites, and it really shines on this simple white Scandinavian tray. It may not be covered in orange or brown, but it still feels like fall to me!

5 :: This warm, rich recipe is the risotto version of waldorf salad. Jamie Oliver’s Apple and Walnut Risotto is spot on for a splendid fall evening.

6 :: I love vintage pyrex, especially their casserole and refrigerator dishes. I have a few different patterns, but I’m still on the lookout for a good deal on something with the Amish pattern (a little throwback to my Pennsylvania Dutch roots).

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