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Eat. Pray. Move.

14 Feb


My friend Erin is one of those people. The ones you look and say “how on earth to they manage to do it?” Sometimes I think she has a hidden time-turner that doubles her hours each day. Not only is she one of the sweetest, most genuine people I know, but she’s always cooking up amazing new projects and creating incredible things (whether it’s the perfectly syled outfit or a new painting series).


It’s been so much fun to watch her pursue the things that she loves, and her latest venture is a wonderful combination of those passions. After living in Italy a few years ago with her husband Chris (during which Caleb and I house/cat-sat for them), she returned to Florida with a renewed love of travel and a desire to help others experience the joy of other cultures. She also began building her yoga training, including a six-month stay in Italy this past year to get her full teaching certification.


So, I wasn’t too surprised when she announced a few weeks ago that she’s going to be leading a travel/yoga retreat in Florence: Eat. Pray. Move.


Spend a week in the idyllic Italian countryside while you practice yoga, meet new friends, explore, hike, relax, sweat, experience…and of course EAT amazing Italian cuisine, PRAY in mindful contemplation, and MOVE through powerful poses.

I pretty much want to be there right now. :)


While I don’t currently have the resources to attend the retreat, I was excited to help when she asked if I could take some photos for her to use as she promotes her retreat (and her continued yoga practice). This is the first real “photo shoot” that I’ve done, so I was a little nervous, but we had so much fun! I’m really happy with the way it turned out, and seeing her form such advanced poses really renewed my desire to begin practicing again. Yoga is such a great way to nourish both your body and your soul. I can’t wait to hear all about the first Eat Pray Move retreat, and hopefully I’ll be attending one of the next ones.



Floating Fast like a Hummingbird

25 Jan

tasha and zoe

Mr. Jones was out of town this weekend (his band, Lights of Evening, was playing a show in Port St. Lucie), so I spent a good bit of time catching up on reading, cleaning, and all around just chilling out. When my friends called on Saturday afternoon to see if I’d like to head to a local park for a nature walk, I was excited to get out and enjoy some fresh air. They have adorable kids, so I also seized the opportunity to practice a little with my new camera. The light was great, and I had such a fun time exploring the woods with some of my favorite people.

christi and gabe


gabe walking the plank

Friday Faves, Friends Edition!

12 Nov

November 11 Friday Faves

I have some incredibly talented friends, so this week I’m doing my first special “Friends Edition” of Friday Faves.

1 :: Anna is an amazing stylist all around–from hair and makeup to her fun etsy shop, Shotgun Vintage. She’s got a great eye for vintage finds, like these Lucite metallic flower pumps. So pretty!

2 :: Emily and her sweet daughter modeling one of her Hipster Slings. She makes them out of lightweight (but strong) organic fabrics, and they have a special concealed, zippered pocket to keep your keys or phone. If you know a pregnant momma, these make an awesome shower gift!

3 :: One of my original Supper Club ladies, Jen is also a fellow real food blogger. She and her husband recently moved to their dream farm in Vermont, and I love living vicariously through her blog, The Leftover Queen. She always features super tasty recipes, like these Coconut Flour Pancakes.

4 :: I’ve really enjoyed watching my brother, Philip, sharpen his talent for photography and videography over the years. He recently shot this short feature with Single Barrel Detroit on the hanging gardens project at Forest Arms, a building in Detroit that was devastated by fire. They ended the project with a rooftop concert by The Juliets (above). He’s moving from Detroit to LA soon and I’m so excited to see what projects he’ll be involved with next!

5 :: My brother also happens to be dating Angela, who is a fabulous artist (and a pretty groovy gal). She does some amazing hand-lettering and illustrations, like this fun piece, “The Heart is on the Left.”

6 :: My friend and co-worker Caitlin creates the coolest dream catcher and African trade bead necklaces over at Feather & Webb. Her shop is always being updated with tribal-inspired (and some not-so-tribal-inspired) vintage items, and her blog is chock-full of inspiration.

The August Break

2 Aug

I can hardly believe that summer is almost over. True, I live in Florida, where summer weather doesn’t really end until October or so, but still–the back to school sales are starting and fall will be in the air sooner than I can imagine.

To help focus on the little things in this last solid month of summer, I’m going to be participating in The August Break. Every day, Monday through Friday, I’ll be posting one photo on my blog. No crazy long blog posts, just photos! I may or may not do the Friday Faves, we’ll see how busy things get. But you can count on one photo per day, whether it’s from my iPhone, DSLR, polaroid, or what-have-you. Happy August!

Co-worker’s succulent looking out over Riverside.

Easter Clicks

21 Apr

Tonight (in between making a quesadilla and watching Parenthood) I finally edited some photos I took during Easter weekend of our friends and their daughter.

I’m s-l-o-w-l-y working on becoming a better photographer so that when we have kids, I’ll be able to document life in a fun-to-look-at way. A woman at our church blessed me with an old Canon D10, so I’ve been messing around with it in hopes of having a pretty good handle on things before I buy my own fancy-schmancy camera.

I’ve got a pretty good grasp of aperture/shutter speed, but I’m still working on the whole “lighting” thing. Some of my favorite photographers have such amazing light and tonality to their photos and I wish I could peek into their brain while they’re shooting. Hopefully, as it is with most hobbies, I’ll get better with practice and time. For now, here are some fun shots of my friends, the Stewards.

We went out to the boat ramp at the end of the street where Pap-Pap (Caleb’s grandpa) lives. It was right at sunset, so the lighting was a little crazy, but I like the warm glow everything ended up with.

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