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Friday Faves: Mad Men

23 Jul

Mad Men Friday Faves

The Mad Men premiere is this Sunday, and I’m super excited about it. It feels like it’s been such a long time since the last season, and I’m looking forward to having Mad Men style, wit and character back in my life. To celebrate, this Friday’s Faves is Mad Men themed!

1 :: A classic clutch and vintage gloves are a great start to a Mad Men-themed costume. Even if you’re not dressing out in full-on sixties regalia, they’re a fab way to add some class to your next evening outfit. Luncheonette Vintage has some lovely sets in their Etsy shop.

2 :: To get yourself in the mood for Sunday’s premiere, take a look at this video tour of Mad Men’s costume shop. The hard work and detail that goes into every set and costume is astounding.

3 :: There’s no better dessert than Baked Alaska for getting that sweet sixties vibe. Martha Stewart has the full, step-by-step recipe on her site.

4 :: Give your own bedroom a “Draper” feel with this tufted headboard from Urban Outfitters. Those of you who are more crafty might even want to make your own.

5 :: Artist Dyna Moe has done a fantastic job creating Mad Men inspired illustrations. I love them all, but her paper doll sets of Joan are incredible. Check out her Flickr stream to see her work from the past few seasons.

6 :: Get inspired by this charming Mad Men themed birthday party, put together by Bellafare. From the invitations to the setup and costumes, it’s seriously cool.

Friday Faves – July 16th

16 Jul

July 16th Friday Faves

1 :: Amanda Soule is always a big inspiration to me, especially when it comes to knitting and craft projects. I really want to make this Oatmeal Sweater before it starts getting chilly (so that gives me until November or so, right?).

2 :: I missed out on blueberry picking this year, but for those of you up north (or if you have something else to can), check out this awesome canning party idea from Cottage Industrialist and Paper Crave. There are free printable downloads for some really fun invitations, labels and recipe cards.

3 :: Grain Edit just did a great interview with Jason Munn from The Small Stakes. His design is clean and modern, but with a nice jab of humor.

4 :: I’ve never felt like I had the “scarf-tying” thing down, but now I might finally figure it out! In this short video from Lucky Magazine, they take you through a number of different ways to tie a scarf.

5 :: As soon as I saw this recipe for Shrimp Scampi Pizza from Shutterbean, my mouth started watering. It’s very similar to some incredible shrimp bruschetta I had from The French Pantry here in Jax. This would also make a great summer party appetizer.

6 :: Breezy and light is the main thing I’m looking for in clothing right now, and this Orangette dress from Jenny and V’s Etsy shop is exactly that.

Start Your Own Supper Club

26 May

May Supper Club

Once a month, I get together with some of the most fun, creative ladies in town. We eat, laugh, dance, and share during one of my favorite evenings: Ladies Supper Club. Each month we’re at a different gal’s house, bringing a different course according to the host’s theme. It’s a chance to be daring, try crazy recipes—hoping for an amazing dish but laughing if it flops.

Since I’m sure I’ll be posting more of the recipes I make for Supper Club (like my Chocolate Raspberry Pavlova), I wanted to share more about it. I also want to give some tips on how to start your own!

Two years ago, I had ran into some friends at a local café. They introduced me to Sunshine, who had recently moved to our town. In talking about Chicago (where she had moved from), she told us some hilarious stories about her Supper Club there. As we chatted, the idea came up—why not start our own Supper Club? We started making plans, and decided on June 13th for our first one. Other than a few busy months during the holidays, we’ve continued to get together once every month at a different host’s home and have dished up some pretty fabulous food. It has been a wonderful way to stay connected and guarantee that we get in some “girl time” no matter how busy things are.

How to Start Your Own Supper Club

Gather Your Group

Ladies of Supper Club

You can make it as big or as small as you’d like, but we’ve found that 6-8 is the ideal number of people. Since each person will bring a course, that’s enough to have: appetizer, soup, salad, veggie side, non-veggie side, main course (host), drinks, and dessert. You can add or combine courses as needed—there have been months that we’ve been short a person or two and the host just picked which courses to eliminate.

Decide on a Date

We settled on Friday nights. They started off falling on the first or second week of the month, but over the course of two years, we now get together closer to the last Friday of the month.  There will be times you have to go 5 or 6 weeks between Supper Club, or where you might end up with two in one month, but once every four weeks or so keeps it special and consistent.

Create a List

Chocolate Grape Appetizer

As I mentioned above, you’ll want a list of courses that you can rotate people through. You may decided that some courses (such as dessert) can be optional, depending on how may people are coming. Or (as we’ve recently decided to start doing), if there are more people than courses, the host gets to pick what they want extra of (another appetizer, salad, etc.). We use email to send out the list and make all of our plans. It makes it easy to copy and paste the list of courses, and then rotate down whom is bringing what.

Choose a Theme

Blueberry Ingredient Theme

To keep it fun, Supper Club should have a different theme each month. They don’t have to revolve around the same thing—be creative! Here are some examples we’ve done: Italian, Julia Child Recipes, Tapas, Chocolate, Blueberry, Holiday. We found it easiest to start off with regional themes (Mexican, Italian, etc.) and then worked our way to ingredients and chefs. The theme is completely up to the host, and the main dish that they make sets the tone for the theme. We also have a traditional December theme: we go out! Since the holidays are normally full of parties and events, we just pick a fun restaurant and skip the cooking for that month.


Enjoying Supper Club

Once you’ve got your date, your theme, and everyone is assigned a course, there’s only one thing left to do—feast! Make it fun by dressing up in your favorite heels or that crazy dress you just haven’t been brave enough to wear. Supper Club is a place to experiment, have fun and enjoy being a little goofy.

It’s also great time to pull out your cameras and document all the fun. We’ve really enjoyed looking back at some of our previous themes (and hairstyles) in Sunshine’s “Supper Club” album on Facebook.

Feel free to make your Supper Club tailored to your and your friends–there are no real rules, just ideas. The most important thing is to be creative, enjoy the food and each other!

Real Food Wednesdays

Friday Faves

14 May

Friday Faves

1 :: One of the many whimsical, graphic prints from Luke Bott

2 :: I’ve always been a fan of baked chips, and this make-at-home method looks mighty tasty!

3 ::  All this breezy (but hot) weather has me longing to be outside, especially if I got to wear this Rendezvous dress from Shabby Apple.

4 :: A number of blogs have been mentioning The Sign Painter Movie that’s currently in production. It’s a documentary about the dying art of hand-painting signs and the artists who create them. Can’t wait to see it!

5 :: Aaargh! Pirate Birthday Party & Free Printables from Cameron at Cottage Industrialist. Makes me wish I had an excuse to throw a pirate party!

6 :: Love this sweet gray rain cloud from atelierpmpadour on Etsy. I’ll bet Eeyore would be all over it.

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