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Friday Faves, March 25th

25 Mar



1 :: It’s getting to that point where my current bag needs to be retired. I’m looking for something comfortable but not too big, preferably brown and faux-leather. The “here’s to new journeys” bag from Ruche seems to fit the bill, although I’ll probably keep scoping out Marshall’s for a while first.

2 :: When I saw Martha Stewart’s Strawberry Cake on Unruly Things earlier this week, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t tried it before. Strawberries + cake — it really doesn’t get much simpler. We’re on the edge of strawberry season here in Florida (as in, it’s almost over!) and this is a great way to put them to sweet use.

3 :: Marlise Kast-Myers’s beautiful green and white bedroom was recently featured on Decor8, and it’s a great bit of inspiration for a budget-conscious room redo. I love the mix of textures and design, and of course I’m always a sucker for vintage metal fans.

4 :: Simon Foster curates a collection of vintage record labels, and they’re such fun to scroll through! While you enjoy the array of designs, be sure to also read the names of the albums and songs–some of them are pretty funny.

5 :: This easy mini-cupcake stand DIY was featured on Papernstitch, and it looks so easy! Such a great idea for a shower or birthday party, and the stands give you plenty of freedom to decorate how you wish. (Oh, and be sure to check out the rest of the party decor–it’s incredible!)

6 :: These coral-inspired brooches from MadeByAnna are beautifully cut from perspex. They’re clean and modern but still a great detail to add to your spring cardigan or jacket!

Creative Spaces at The Selby

2 Dec

TheSelby Logo

I’ve been a bit under the weather ever since Thanksgiving (hence the lack of posting), but I managed to stop coughing and drinking tea long enough to enjoy the incredible array of inspiration that is The Selby.

Kate and Andy Spade's Kitchen

Created and photographed by Todd Selby, the site features photos of creatives and their personal spaces (like the kitchen of Kate and Andy Spade, above). Todd has an amazing eye for detail, and there’s no shortage of brilliant individuals showcasing their space.

Annie's Urban Farm

Slocombe Ice creamery

Pamela's Bookshelf

Just looking at these places make me want to take more care and creativity in the spaces I inhabit. I love the energy that comes from both carefully curated collections and mish-mashes of artistic material.

Confetti Systems

Eileen and Mark's Bedroom

(Thanks to Caitlin from Feather & Webb for sharing The Selby on Facebook)

Electric Wizard Fan

11 Oct

Vintage Electric Fan Front View

I was ecstatic when we came home on Friday night to find a large package in the mailbox. It was the fan I had won earlier that week on eBay, and it’s perfect. It is a vintage electric “Wizard” fan, with a light turquoise base. I’m in love with it, from the wire cage to the scripted typography on the center logo.

Vintage Electric Fan

It’s in great shape and works like a breeze (hah…yes, I crack myself up). I’m going to give it a thorough cleaning, and I’m trying to decide if I want to repaint the base with fresh turquoise enamel paint.

Vintage Electric Fan Closeup

The best part? It was less than $20! It adds a nice shot off vintage flair to our bedroom, and it will certainly be pleasant on those warmer evenings when we want to avoid turning the A/C down.

Spotlight: Young House Love

7 Oct

Young House Love

I love my home. I also love to decorate said home, except I don’t exactly have the kind of budget that allows me to recreate spreads from Martha Stewart (or buy out Anthropologie). So I’m a big fan of any resource for DIY and DIF (do-it-frugally) home decorating advice. Even better? When that blog knows how to mix in a certain amount of hilarity and is run by a super-sweet couple.

Young House Love: John and Sherry

Enter Young House Love. John and Sherry started this incredible blog after moving from Manhattan to Richmond, VA. They’d purchased an old but fabulous 54-year-old house, and wanted a place to share their renovation adventures with friends and family. They’re not afraid to show the good, the bad, the ugly, and the genius that they experience with each project. As they accomplished more and more projects, their blog flourished and the posts became more frequent, until it turned into a full-time job for both of them.

Young House Love

I love getting ideas from the simple (and not-so-simple) projects they tackle, as well as learning about organization tricks, sustainable resources, or getting an inside peek at other fun homes during their room makeovers. Sherry recently gave birth to an adorable little girl, and it was a blast watching as they created an adorable and hip (yes, at the same time) nursery for her.

Young House Love

So next time you’re looking for a fun way to decorate that big empty wall, or want some insight on the safest paint for your bedroom–or even just need a few tips on memorable ways to celebrate your anniversary, say hello to Young House Love. They’ll be glad you stopped by!

Young House Love

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