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Friday Faves, April 27th

27 Apr

1 :: We had a strange cold snap earlier this week, but thankfully the weather is back to being nice and warm–which means it’s time for fun summer-y dresses like this breezy You’re Goldenrod dress from Modcloth.

2 :: Avocado + asparagus + tartine = yum. A simple and healthy recipe from 1001 Cookbooks.

3 :: Victoria Fernandez is a world traveler who now resides in Madrid. Her colorful art and designs reflect her sense of humor and whimsy. They’re so much fun to look at!

4 :: I love stamps, and Yellow Owl Workshop is always coming up with fun new stamp kits that make me want to click “Add to Cart” about fifteen times. This beach one is my favorite.

5 :: If you have an upcoming birthday party, wedding shower or new baby visit, these poppy gift toppers are really easy to make and can be done in just five minutes. Plus, the recipient can enjoy turning the poppy into a brooch or adding it to a headband.

6 :: It’s hard to believe that Cinco de Mayo is next Saturday! Whether you’re planning a fiesta or just want to spice up your living room, here’s a DIY Geometric Fiesta Garland project from Oh Happy Day to get your decor started.

Friday Faves, March 30th

30 Mar


1 :: Shirt-dresses are perfect for the spring/summer weather, especially when you’re heading to the beach. Fun birds and a casual peachy color make the Perch Things First dress from ModCloth a great pick.

2 :: Panna Cotta (and Flan in general) can certainly be a hit-or-miss, but I’m willing to take a chance on this Coconut Panna Cotta from Inspring the Everyday (especially with the beautiful fresh figs as a garnish).

3 :: Yes, I am a bit of a sucker for anything that Rifle Paper Company creates. But how can I not share the gorgeous new spring line? I love the idea of postcards for thank you notes–a little less formal but still thoughtful and smile-inducing.

4 :: We don’t drink a lot of non-twist-off soda, but when we do, I’d love to pop the top with this sweet Goodly Whale bottle opener. It would also be a great groomsman or Father’s Day gift!

5 :: I love necklaces that mix textures, especially when some of them are pearlized. The Sweetest Days pearl necklace from hazelnutcottege is polished, but not too refined. It’d be a simple addition to a fresh spring dress.

6 :: Easter is nearly here, and if you’re a fan of sharing Easter Baskets or other such goodies, you can furnish it with this Origami “Hoppy Easter” bunny tag from Eat, Drink, Chic.

Happy Weekend!

DIY Felt Flower Wreath

27 Sep

Felt Flower Wreath

In our last two apartments, I’ve avoided putting anything on our front door. I don’t really know why–I’ve seen many a cute wreath, door sign, etc. I think it stems from looking at wreaths in stores one solitary time and seeing high prices. Door decor is not something I’ve ever considered an area I wanted to excel at, so I shrugged off the whole DIY idea as well. I just resigned myself to keeping our front door minimal and empty.

But then.

Then I saw this sweet, welcoming wreath on Etsy.

I was in love. And I said to myself (as I’m often wont to do at places like Anthropologie…and the internet), “I could make that!” Except this time, I actually did.

Felt Flower Closeup

Now, of course the best (and most nicely made) option is to simply buy the wreath, but since the seller is on vacation (and I really did want to try my hand at some felt flowers), I went straight to the craft store.

$4.99 got me an 18″ grapevine wreath, and I grabbed a a spray of 99¢ fake hypericum berries, along with few felt sheets in gold, light/dark brown, cream, and pink. I would have preferred coral felt, but apparently it’s nowhere to be had (not kidding, I checked two Michael’s and two Hobby Lobby. I really like coral). If I’d had more time I would have ordered it from a seller on Etsy, but sometimes you just have to get a project done.

Felt Flower Wreath

I found some great tutorials on making felt flowers, and the round ones were incredibly easy. The puffy ones weren’t quite as simple, but they’re definitely doable. Just be careful, or you’ll end up with some nice hot glue gun battle scars.

Once the flowers were finished, I hot glued them to the wreath, stuck in the spray of berries and hung it happily on my door.

My future sister-in-law (yay!), Angela, recently wrote on Twitter, “Time to flip the switch from admiring to making for the evening. And go.” I’m really glad I didn’t let this DIY project pass through my mind like so many have before. Sometimes, when inspirations strikes, you have to turn off the computer and start the making!

Friday Faves, 4th of July Weekend Edition!

1 Jul

1 :: This Art Class Henley from Anthropologie is polished and comfy, perfect for firework viewing and cookouts!

2 :: Martha Stewart is the queen of fourth of July desserts, and her Summer Shortcake is no different. Yes, the star shapes are a little “Good Housekeeping” but hey, it’s a holiday!

3 :: Vintage soda bottles are a great way to decorate for summer get-togethers, and these 7up bottles from RobertaGrove would be perfect for a centerpiece.

4 :: Add some gold sparkle to your ears without going overboard on the spangle. The Lucia Earrings from Branchbound are light and sweet.

5 :: I love looking at all the gorgeous apartments from Creative Flats, a new apartments-as-hotel concept in Montreal. Already decked out with amazing decor, these apartments are a great alternative to a blank hotel room.

6 :: If you’ve got some down time over this long weekend and want to do an easy DIY, try creating some modern, graphic artwork with extra office supplies. How About Orange takes you through the steps and has some great ideas.

Friday Faves, June 24th

24 Jun


1 :: The Set a President dress from ModCloth is simple but smart. Perfect for a wedding, a special summer date, or even just a trip to the library!

2 :: Mr. Jones got me an amazing ice cream maker for my birthday, so I’ve been making ice cream like crazy. Peach ice cream is my absolute favorite, and I’m really looking forward to trying this Honey Peach Ice Cream from Ezra Pound Cake.

3 :: If you’re like me, you have lots of new babies (and new moms) to celebrate with this summer. Wrap your gift in something special by following this fabric wrapping DIY from Inchmark Journal.

4 :: I love birds, and they were a big part of our wedding theme. Though our anniversary is still a ways off, this Vintage Lovebirds necklace from The Vintage Pearl would make a lovely gift (hint hint!).

5 :: Owen Gatley’s style is calculated but fun. I love the care and detail he takes in his illustrations, while making them seem effortless. His maps are especially whimsical!

6 :: Now that I’m deep into beach season, and I’d love to trade up my worn Taget beach bag for this sweet and simple sailor tote from Bayan Hippo. It’s big enough to hold all the essentials, but nice enough to use as a regular tote bag once the beach sand has left my feet!

Friday Faves, March 25th

25 Mar



1 :: It’s getting to that point where my current bag needs to be retired. I’m looking for something comfortable but not too big, preferably brown and faux-leather. The “here’s to new journeys” bag from Ruche seems to fit the bill, although I’ll probably keep scoping out Marshall’s for a while first.

2 :: When I saw Martha Stewart’s Strawberry Cake on Unruly Things earlier this week, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t tried it before. Strawberries + cake — it really doesn’t get much simpler. We’re on the edge of strawberry season here in Florida (as in, it’s almost over!) and this is a great way to put them to sweet use.

3 :: Marlise Kast-Myers’s beautiful green and white bedroom was recently featured on Decor8, and it’s a great bit of inspiration for a budget-conscious room redo. I love the mix of textures and design, and of course I’m always a sucker for vintage metal fans.

4 :: Simon Foster curates a collection of vintage record labels, and they’re such fun to scroll through! While you enjoy the array of designs, be sure to also read the names of the albums and songs–some of them are pretty funny.

5 :: This easy mini-cupcake stand DIY was featured on Papernstitch, and it looks so easy! Such a great idea for a shower or birthday party, and the stands give you plenty of freedom to decorate how you wish. (Oh, and be sure to check out the rest of the party decor–it’s incredible!)

6 :: These coral-inspired brooches from MadeByAnna are beautifully cut from perspex. They’re clean and modern but still a great detail to add to your spring cardigan or jacket!

Friday Faves, March 4th

4 Mar

friday faves march 4th

1 :: I just recently discovered ASOS, one of the UK’s biggest online fashion retailers. They have a huge selection of clothing, and a great range of pricing. This Pleated Skirt Cute Collar Dress is only $44.83 and is a great way to kick off your spring wardrobe.

2 :: I feel like I’ve been snacking a lot lately–mostly on fruit and nuts, but I’d love to whip up these whole wheat goldfish crackers from Smitten Kitchen.

3 :: The States Motto Project has been featured on a number of design blogs, and it’s a great collaboration. I love checking in to see what new state mottos have been designed! Florida’s motto is fun and sunny, and I can’t wait to see how Michigan’s turns out.

4 :: It’s getting to be permanent sunglass season again. My sunglasses usually hail from Marshall’s (since I’m always losing them), but if I knew I’d keep them around, I’d love a pair of these vintage butterfly sunglasses from MODvintage.

5 :: It really doesn’t get any cuter than these tiny felted acorns from FeltJar. They’d be lovely in a little clay dish or just scattered on a mantle or centerpiece.

6 :: Brilliant! This DIY Chevron Rug only cost $36 ($30 for the IKEA rug) and packs a fun design punch. I wish my IKEA rug was white (and not brown) so I could try it…who knows, maybe with some darker colors, it would turn out just as swell.

Friday Faves, February 4th

4 Feb

1 :: This Creme Daisy Applique dress from Top Shop would be great on a date (say, Valentine’s Day?) with a wrap or sweater and tights, but it’ll also transition nicely in to warmer weather.

2 :: Sunday is the Superbowl (in case you didn’t know), so it’s time to start rounding up some recipes for munching (and avoid buying the case of frozen quesadillas). Pioneer Woman’s Beef Fajita Nachos look incredibly tasty and will definitely keep hungry tv-watchers’ appetites at bay.

3 :: I’m loving this fun promo film from House Industries. They own some of my favorite typefaces, along with a bevy of smartly designed objects and posters. The sign painting and lettering shown in this film blows my mind–I don’t know how they do it!

4 :: If I could put just one thing on my Valentine’s Day wish list, it would be this I Love My City print from Judy Kaufmann. Her illustrations are beautiful, and this print is by far my favorite.

5 :: If you’re looking for a fun DIY project to add a little charming fun to your decor, these coffee filter pom poms from Creature Comforts are perfect! Cheap, simple, and easy–they also make great gift toppers.

6 :: The days are slowly starting to get longer, but there’s still lots of evening darkness floating around (even here in the Sunshine State). Say “Goodnight, Moon” with this embroidered wall art from Jenn Pierce. Her embroidered pieces really make me want to try my hand at embroidery!

Friday Faves, January 21st

21 Jan


1 :: It’s definitely still sweater-weather, even here in Florida. All the fog and mist we’ve been having lately really makes me want to layer on cozy items. The Eight Days a Week Gray Cardigan from Ruche fits in perfectly with the paleness of winter, but adds some sweet floral detail embroidery.

2 :: I feel like I’ve been in “soup” mode for the past few weeks, and I’ve been having fun discovering new recipes. Sunday Suppers brings this recipe for Fennel Potato Soup, which is warm and filling. The ingredients are simple, letting you really focus in on the individual flavors.

3 :: There are so many different methods for making flower pins and boutonnieres! This fabric flower tutorial from How About Orange uses fabric scraps and fabric stiffener for crisp, bright pops of color.

4 :: Valentine’s Day is s-l-o-w-l-y getting closer. I always like an excuse to peruse fun stationery, so for the next few weeks, I’ll be throwing in some fun Valentine’s card designs. This Valentine’s Mixtape card, from Wit and Whistle, is fun and sweet without being too sappy.

5 :: Herman Miller just released their new interactive exhibit, Discovering Design. It’s a really fun way to explore the history and innovation of modern furniture design (and will certainly make you drool over all the wonderfully designed pieces).

6 :: I know I’ve mentioned the talented Matte Stephens before, but he’s got some wonderful new work up for sale right now on Etsy. His building and city illustrations are some of my favorites, but I love this painting, “Irving was an Avid Bird Watcher.”

Friday Faves, December 10th

10 Dec

December 10 Friday Faves

1 :: Perfect for holiday parties (to dress up OR Down): the Aint’ She Sweet dress from Shabby Apple.

2 :: Okay, so this isn’t exactly “winter” food, but sometimes you have to add a little spice to the cold dark nights. Fresh 365 keeps it veggie fresh with this 20 Minute Black Bean Soup. Yum!

3 :: A simple feature piece (and great little gift): the French Love ring from BrillianceFound.

4 :: Looking for a sweet handmade gift for your special someone? Spend a little time on this easy box of memories from the Lettered Cottage. You can even generate free “card catalog” style to write your memories on.

5 :: I’ve been in love with Elsie’s shop, Red Velvet Art, ever since I discovered her blog. I wish we had a place this cool in town, but I’ll have to settle for enjoying all the pics in their Before/After feature on Design*Sponge.

6 :: I know I’ve featured Clare Owen’s illustrations before, but I rediscovered this “Make Do and Mend” poster and had to share. Her work is so lovely!

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