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Friday Faves, April 27th

27 Apr

1 :: We had a strange cold snap earlier this week, but thankfully the weather is back to being nice and warm–which means it’s time for fun summer-y dresses like this breezy You’re Goldenrod dress from Modcloth.

2 :: Avocado + asparagus + tartine = yum. A simple and healthy recipe from 1001 Cookbooks.

3 :: Victoria Fernandez is a world traveler who now resides in Madrid. Her colorful art and designs reflect her sense of humor and whimsy. They’re so much fun to look at!

4 :: I love stamps, and Yellow Owl Workshop is always coming up with fun new stamp kits that make me want to click “Add to Cart” about fifteen times. This beach one is my favorite.

5 :: If you have an upcoming birthday party, wedding shower or new baby visit, these poppy gift toppers are really easy to make and can be done in just five minutes. Plus, the recipient can enjoy turning the poppy into a brooch or adding it to a headband.

6 :: It’s hard to believe that Cinco de Mayo is next Saturday! Whether you’re planning a fiesta or just want to spice up your living room, here’s a DIY Geometric Fiesta Garland project from Oh Happy Day to get your decor started.

Friday Faves, March 4th

4 Mar

friday faves march 4th

1 :: I just recently discovered ASOS, one of the UK’s biggest online fashion retailers. They have a huge selection of clothing, and a great range of pricing. This Pleated Skirt Cute Collar Dress is only $44.83 and is a great way to kick off your spring wardrobe.

2 :: I feel like I’ve been snacking a lot lately–mostly on fruit and nuts, but I’d love to whip up these whole wheat goldfish crackers from Smitten Kitchen.

3 :: The States Motto Project has been featured on a number of design blogs, and it’s a great collaboration. I love checking in to see what new state mottos have been designed! Florida’s motto is fun and sunny, and I can’t wait to see how Michigan’s turns out.

4 :: It’s getting to be permanent sunglass season again. My sunglasses usually hail from Marshall’s (since I’m always losing them), but if I knew I’d keep them around, I’d love a pair of these vintage butterfly sunglasses from MODvintage.

5 :: It really doesn’t get any cuter than these tiny felted acorns from FeltJar. They’d be lovely in a little clay dish or just scattered on a mantle or centerpiece.

6 :: Brilliant! This DIY Chevron Rug only cost $36 ($30 for the IKEA rug) and packs a fun design punch. I wish my IKEA rug was white (and not brown) so I could try it…who knows, maybe with some darker colors, it would turn out just as swell.

Friday Faves, February 18th

18 Feb

friday faves feb 18

1 :: It’s finally (truly) starting to warm up here, and what better way to enjoy the warm weather than in this fun, bright Dolce Vita dress from Ruche

2 :: Last week, we made these Fish Tacos from CuisineNie. They’re super easy, and great when you’ve got extra fish in your freezer. I love the sour cream-lime sauce.

3 :: I was thrilled when I saw Amanda Jane Jones’ work on Design, Work, Life earlier this week. I love her color palettes and (of course) I’m always a fan of encouraging buying local–especially for my home state of Michigan!

4 :: I know Valentine’s Day is over, but any day is a good one to leave these DIY Post-It notes (via Eat Drink Chic) in your sweetheart’s lunch box.

5 :: I feel like I’m always getting book recommendations and then promptly forgetting them. This sweet book journal from Oh My Cavalier has space for 144 books, with room to write about each one. There’s something about the act of actually writing (vs. typing them in to my iPhone) that just seems to suit the written word better.

6 :: Okay, this bowl from Obol might be a little silly, but I think it’s brilliant! I love the idea of eating cookies and milk, or crackers and soup, without them getting soggy.

Here Comes the Summer

2 Jun

Memorial Day Grilling

We had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend­, filled with friends, cookouts, the beach and lots of fun birthday activities for me on Saturday. It definitely feels like “the end of the year” the way it used to when I was in college—so many fun summer things to do bundled with friends visiting, flip flops and that slightly sun burnt feeling. The biggest reason, though, is that this is my last week at my current job. Our art department was cut earlier this month and Friday will be my last day.

Thankfully, I’ll be heading to a wonderful new job on Monday as a Web Designer / Front-End Developer at Wingard Creative. I’m really excited about it and it’s sure to bring lots of new experiences. It is located directly in historic 5 Points in Jacksonville, where I’ll be working just across the street from antique stores, quaint boutiques, a classic theater and some incredible restaurants.

One of the things I love about Wingard Creative is the focus they have on Jacksonville and local businesses. Developing and improving the local community is a big priority for them and it’s something I’ve always been passionate about. They have very diverse clients and I’m thrilled to be working with them.

Shaved Ice

So in the next few days, I’ll be packing up my cube, filling out lots of paper work, and getting ready for change. My blog posts may be a bit sparser in the coming weeks as I get settled in, but I will try to post when I can. I know I’ll be doing a lot of exploring this summer and have quite a few projects and recipe plans up my sleeve. Not to mention plans for many, many more cups of shaved ice!

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