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Friday Faves, November 4th

4 Nov


1 :: I did a lot of dress shopping this weekend for a ball (yes, a BALL!) that I’m attending on Saturday. While I was searching for a floor length gown, I saw so many cute “short” dresses that I wished I could get instead, like this Annaliese Sweetheart Dress from Ruche.

2 :: I’ve been eating a lot of salads lately, since Mr. Jones has been trying to eat less carbs/gluten. This beet and tangerine salad from SparklingInk is a fresh take on tangerines in salads, combined with crunch red onions.

3 :: I’ve always wished there were a “nap store” (so to speak), where you could pay to take a short nap on your lunch break, so I was thrilled when I saw this awesome idea from a Russian firm: a mini-hotel, perfect for naps!

4 :: For some reason, there’s been an influx of cute, foreign cars lately in our sunny state. They always make me smile, especially the little Fiat 500s.

5 :: This free crocheted basket pattern is originally in Danish, but thanks to Google Translate, you can make it even if you’re not a master of languages. I love how nice and cozy it is–perfect for winter scarves by the door!

6 :: The best clocks are the simplest, like this modern birch timepiece from Uncommon.

Friday Faves, November 19th

19 Nov


1 :: Light enough for inside a toasty house, but some nice added warmth for the cool fall breezes, this cottage crochet cardigan from Ruche is a great holiday layering piece.

2 :: Green bean casserole that will wow even your Grandma! Pioneer Woman throws down some holiday deliciousness (and will hopefully beat Bobby Flay).

3 :: Julia Rothman is one of my favorite illustrators, so I really enjoyed this interview she did with Grain Edit. (Also, aren’t those yellow boots lovely?)

4 :: A great hostess gift, this hand-painted herb pod from Yevgenia can be used to store loose tea, sea salt, or any other spices.

5 :: These charming holiday cards from Elie Monge are letter pressed beautifully–the guitar is my favorite part.

6 :: If you’re looking to make a wreath that you can keep around all year, try this wonderful wreath from Pickles. Just change the color of the balls to make it more Christmas-themed (although I love the festive mix of colors).

Friday Faves: Birthday Edition!

21 May

Friday Faves, Birthday Edition

Only 8 days until my birthday (Saturday, May 29th)! I thought I would do a birthday edition of Friday Faves this week–you know, so there’s plenty of time left if any wonderful people are looking for gift ideas. ;)

1 :: We already have the Wise Man print from Arian Armstrong and I would love to add this I Do print to our collection. Arian will customize the 8 x 10 with your wedding date, making it an anniversary reminder as well as a wonderful work of art.

2 :: I love meringue, so this Chocolate Raspberry Pavlova from Nigella Lawson is my idea of a grand birthday dessert. I’m actually making a version of it tonight (with chocolate mousse instead of the berries and cream) for our chocolate-themed Ladies’ Supper Club.

3 :: I’d really like to crochet these beautiful flowers and add a pin so I can embellish my shoulder bags and shirts.

4 :: This retro kitchen timer from Anthropologie has been on my wish list for a long time. The yellow makes me smile and I’d much rather turn this dial than punch numbers into a microwave.

5 ::  Since I don’t have any big party plans, my birthday dress would be fun, simple, and comfy. The Art Exhibition dress from ModCloth is (amazingly) still available in my size, so maybe I’ll get to wear it!

6 :: I saw this sweet vintage electric fan for sale on High Market Vintage a few days ago, but it’s since been sold. Luckily, I just found another one on eBay, so maybe one will work its way to my desk soon.

Happy Friday to you all!

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