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Day Ten – The August Break

13 Aug

Knitting before bed definitely soothes my mind. I’m excited about my big list of knitting projects (and slowly accomplishing them, one by one).

Day Four – The August Break

5 Aug

Incredible old car that’s been parked near our apartment. I want to take it for a drive.

The August Break

2 Aug

I can hardly believe that summer is almost over. True, I live in Florida, where summer weather doesn’t really end until October or so, but still–the back to school sales are starting and fall will be in the air sooner than I can imagine.

To help focus on the little things in this last solid month of summer, I’m going to be participating in The August Break. Every day, Monday through Friday, I’ll be posting one photo on my blog. No crazy long blog posts, just photos! I may or may not do the Friday Faves, we’ll see how busy things get. But you can count on one photo per day, whether it’s from my iPhone, DSLR, polaroid, or what-have-you. Happy August!

Co-worker’s succulent looking out over Riverside.

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