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Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

8 May


We’ve got a roller. It took a few days of alllllllmost rolling over, then another day or so of grabbing on to various objects to heave himself onto his stomach, but on Thursday he made it happen. Now I can barely set him down for a minute without an immediate flip over. He hasn’t figured out how to roll from his stomach to his back yet, so after a few minutes of grinning, looking around, and an excited scream or two, he’ll start getting fidgety until we flip him back. I guess this is the first step on the road to actually babyproofing our house (well, to some degree).



Also, I pulled out my “nice” camera and actually used it! Yay! I’m keeping it in the living room now, out of its case, so that I will hopefully be using it more.





Eat. Pray. Move.

14 Feb


My friend Erin is one of those people. The ones you look and say “how on earth to they manage to do it?” Sometimes I think she has a hidden time-turner that doubles her hours each day. Not only is she one of the sweetest, most genuine people I know, but she’s always cooking up amazing new projects and creating incredible things (whether it’s the perfectly syled outfit or a new painting series).


It’s been so much fun to watch her pursue the things that she loves, and her latest venture is a wonderful combination of those passions. After living in Italy a few years ago with her husband Chris (during which Caleb and I house/cat-sat for them), she returned to Florida with a renewed love of travel and a desire to help others experience the joy of other cultures. She also began building her yoga training, including a six-month stay in Italy this past year to get her full teaching certification.


So, I wasn’t too surprised when she announced a few weeks ago that she’s going to be leading a travel/yoga retreat in Florence: Eat. Pray. Move.


Spend a week in the idyllic Italian countryside while you practice yoga, meet new friends, explore, hike, relax, sweat, experience…and of course EAT amazing Italian cuisine, PRAY in mindful contemplation, and MOVE through powerful poses.

I pretty much want to be there right now. :)


While I don’t currently have the resources to attend the retreat, I was excited to help when she asked if I could take some photos for her to use as she promotes her retreat (and her continued yoga practice). This is the first real “photo shoot” that I’ve done, so I was a little nervous, but we had so much fun! I’m really happy with the way it turned out, and seeing her form such advanced poses really renewed my desire to begin practicing again. Yoga is such a great way to nourish both your body and your soul. I can’t wait to hear all about the first Eat Pray Move retreat, and hopefully I’ll be attending one of the next ones.



Day Twenty – The August Break

31 Aug

It’s the last day of The August Break! I enjoyed taking a breather from regular posting, especially since this month turned into an incredibly busy one. It was nice to stop and remember to take photos each day–while making me realize that I need to go outside my set routine whenever possible!

I hope you had a wonderful August as well! Celebrate the end of summer with something fun. :)

Day Nineteen – The August Break

30 Aug

Cathedral Basilica

This is Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine, such a beautiful church. I ended up downtown a number of times this weekend–as touristy as it can be sometimes, I really love the old city that we live in.

Day Eighteen – The August Break

27 Aug

eggplant pasta

I’ve been out sick for the past two days–nothing big, just a cold/sinus thing that knocked me off my feet for a while. I was feeling a bit better yesterday afternoon and made some delicious eggplant pasta for Mr. Jones and me. Italian food is better than chicken soup in my book.

Day Seventeen – The August Break

24 Aug

Antique Glassware

During lunch break at an antique store down the street.

Day Sixteen – The August Break

23 Aug

Folk Music at the Market

At the Farmers’ Market this weekend. The guy with the banjo was pure folk awesomeness.

Day Fifteen – The August Break

20 Aug

I’ve been working in the Five Points Theater building for over two months now and I have yet to see a movie in the actual “theater” part. This needs to change soon.

Day Fourteen – The August Break

19 Aug

Nothing says August in Florida quite like late afternoon rainstorms. I love the smell and the drama.

Day Thirteen – The August Break

18 Aug

View of Jacksonville from the Cummer Museum

Last night, my work showed off some of our designs at The Cummer Museum’s “What is Art” exhibit. I got to wander around in the gardens before it started and enjoyed the views of the river and downtown Jacksonville. It was so much fun, and there are more photos from the event on my Flickr if you want to check them out.

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