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Blame It All On Television

22 Apr

Well, hello! So–this is it. I’m actually sharing my blog today. I’ve been posting a little bit before “going public,” just so there would be some actual content on here. I really wanted to have one more good post up before I shared the link. I have my topic and everything.


It’s 9:35. I am leaving tomorrow for quick trip to Michigan, and I skipped LOST last night so that I could watch it tonight with Caleb (yes, I really do love him that much). I have to go to bed early tonight (so that I can go to work early and leave early for my flight).

So instead of the probably-more-interesting, topical post I had planned, I will be sharing this:

It’s a picture I took of some flowers basking in the Florida sunlight. It’s pretty.

Focus on that while I sneak off to see what trouble Desmond is stirring up in this episode.

Getting Ready to Roll

8 Apr

So I’ve decided that in May, I’ll officially (for real, no kidding) start blogging. I’m going to stick with wordpress, because I like it. I don’t like the fact that since I don’t want to update my web host right now, I’m having to use the free–which offers zero CSS customization. Meaning, I’m stuck with a theme. Not a bad looking theme, by any means, but a theme nonetheless.

Hopefully I’ll take this blogging theme seriously and it will grow into something a little bigger that will make it worth paying $$ to upgrade my web host and design a fully customized theme, all built by moi. But not yet.

For now, theme it is, and next–fo’ real blogging!

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