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Eventually I’ll Get Around to it

23 May

20130523-113940 PM.jpg

All week I’ve been trying to get a post up about our trip to Scotland, but the evenings keep filling up and before I know it, I’m in bed after a looooong day.

Like today–whew. We went to Ikea in Cardiff to get a few things (including a high chair for Charlie–just a couple weeks until he’ll be using it). We also joined Costco (yes, they have Costco here!), taking full advantage of great prices on giant bags of almonds, shrimp, frozen berries, plus a huge value pack of contact solution (which for some reason seems to be really expensive in the UK). We will probably go just once a month to do a little stocking up on staples, but it’s so worth it.

Driving home was a bit hairy, as coming back from Cardiff typically seems to be: taking the wrong exit on a roundabout which then shot us back where we came from, with ten minutes before we could turn around, which then coincided with school letting out, crazy traffic, and rain. Driving is definitely the biggest stress and most difficult cultural adjustment we’ve had to make, but that deserves its own post.

The evening itself was pretty laid back, though, and I did my strength training circuit from 42 Days to Fit. I’m
looking forward to seeing a difference soon, as well as just to getting more energy in general.

All this to say, really, that a Scotland post is coming soon, just you wait! In the meantime, here’s a photo of The Cutest.

20130523-114251 PM.jpg

Why Grocery Shopping Takes Forever

29 Apr


Since we’ve moved here, shopping for groceries has become an event. I imagine it would be a fairly big ordeal with a new baby anyway, but add in new brands, different foods, etc and it gets a bit insane. Thankfully, Mr. Jones is quite patient and will push Charlie around in the cart (er, trolly) while I go from aisle to aisle and back again.

I thought I’d share a specific example from the past week of why shopping always takes longer than we plan. We were having friends over for pizza, so we stopped to pick up a few things at Morrisions in Cwmbran (I’m not generally a big fan of Morrisons, but the one in Cwmbran is brand new and has a massive fruit and veg section). I planned to grab two balls of pre-made pizza dough, which Publix (my favorite shop back home) always has at their bakery. So I checked at the bakery–nope. They had to ask three different people, the last one saying maybe it was in the ready-made food area. I went over there and no, but the man in that aisle thought maybe they’d have it in the pizza bakery in front (oh, they have one of those?). Again, I asked three different people in that department, all of whom looked at me like I was insane. They finally took me to the ready-made pizzas and pointed out a Boboli-style pre-baked base. Nope, not what we were looking for.

New plan–we’ll make our own dough. So I use my phone to look up a Jamie Oliver dough recipe…right, just need flour. Go to the flour aisle, where there are fifty different kinds of flour, but not the kind the recipe calls for. I google for a substitution and find one. Next, sugar (three aisles away)–again, fifty different kinds to sort through. Finally, picking up the last few things, I head to the check-out (er…till).

Whew. And that was just for one item! Every week it gets a bit easier, but there are those inevitable things on my list that just don’t exist over here, and sometimes they don’t even have anything remotely similar (I’m looking at you, Nilla Wafers, Root Beer and Graham Crackers). I’ve been trying to use more UK recipes (like ones by Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson) because most of the time I can count on the ingredients being in stock. It also makes measuring easier, since recipes here use the metric system. Still, I do love me some Pioneer Woman recipes, and so I will forever be converting and substituting.

I’ll have to take some photos and do a “tour” of some of the supermarkets here eventually, but for now you’ve got a peek into life here. Most things take a bit longer than we plan, but we are forever learning!

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