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Friday Faves, April 27th

27 Apr

1 :: We had a strange cold snap earlier this week, but thankfully the weather is back to being nice and warm–which means it’s time for fun summer-y dresses like this breezy You’re Goldenrod dress from Modcloth.

2 :: Avocado + asparagus + tartine = yum. A simple and healthy recipe from 1001 Cookbooks.

3 :: Victoria Fernandez is a world traveler who now resides in Madrid. Her colorful art and designs reflect her sense of humor and whimsy. They’re so much fun to look at!

4 :: I love stamps, and Yellow Owl Workshop is always coming up with fun new stamp kits that make me want to click “Add to Cart” about fifteen times. This beach one is my favorite.

5 :: If you have an upcoming birthday party, wedding shower or new baby visit, these poppy gift toppers are really easy to make and can be done in just five minutes. Plus, the recipient can enjoy turning the poppy into a brooch or adding it to a headband.

6 :: It’s hard to believe that Cinco de Mayo is next Saturday! Whether you’re planning a fiesta or just want to spice up your living room, here’s a DIY Geometric Fiesta Garland project from Oh Happy Day to get your decor started.

Friday Faves, March 30th

30 Mar


1 :: Shirt-dresses are perfect for the spring/summer weather, especially when you’re heading to the beach. Fun birds and a casual peachy color make the Perch Things First dress from ModCloth a great pick.

2 :: Panna Cotta (and Flan in general) can certainly be a hit-or-miss, but I’m willing to take a chance on this Coconut Panna Cotta from Inspring the Everyday (especially with the beautiful fresh figs as a garnish).

3 :: Yes, I am a bit of a sucker for anything that Rifle Paper Company creates. But how can I not share the gorgeous new spring line? I love the idea of postcards for thank you notes–a little less formal but still thoughtful and smile-inducing.

4 :: We don’t drink a lot of non-twist-off soda, but when we do, I’d love to pop the top with this sweet Goodly Whale bottle opener. It would also be a great groomsman or Father’s Day gift!

5 :: I love necklaces that mix textures, especially when some of them are pearlized. The Sweetest Days pearl necklace from hazelnutcottege is polished, but not too refined. It’d be a simple addition to a fresh spring dress.

6 :: Easter is nearly here, and if you’re a fan of sharing Easter Baskets or other such goodies, you can furnish it with this Origami “Hoppy Easter” bunny tag from Eat, Drink, Chic.

Happy Weekend!

Friday Faves, March 23rd

23 Mar


1 :: Color is everywhere this season, which makes me super happy. The Natasha top from J. Crew offers a more subtle pop of color, but would be easy to accessorize with brighter hues.

2 :: Now that the heat has moved in (at least here in Florida), I’m ready for a refreshing, fruity drink. Elsie from A Beautiful Mess shares four flavored lemonade recipes that will be constant inhabitants in my fridge.

3 :: This is one of my favorite Pinterest finds from the past week: brighten your kitchen spoons with a little craft paint.

4 :: If you don’t have the space for a full record player, but still want to listen to your LPs, this portable turntable will do the trick. You can even throw it in your bag and take it with you next time you’re hunting for albums (very handy at the flea market).

5 :: These Jungle Leaves earrings make me smile. The colors and shapes remind me of Tomie dePaola’s children’s books (anyone else remember The Art Lesson?). They’re definitely a statement piece, but what a fun statement!

6 :: I love Andrew Bird’s music (check out his new album, Break it Yourself), and this tour poster reminds me of all the fun patterns he creates with sound.

Friday Faves, November 18th

18 Nov


1 :: The Cathedral Heights Crochet Applique Dress from Ruche is a great addition to your holiday wardrobe. Dress it up with a cranberry colored cardigan or fun tights, and you’re set for holiday shopping or dinner out.

2 :: If you’ve been assigned to bring something sweet to Thanksgiving dinner, mix it up with this pear cranberry and gingersnap crumble from Smitten Kitchen. Just the thought of this combination makes my mouth water!

3 :: When you see a deeply discounted cookie rack on black Friday, don’t pass it up–use it to make this grand, oversized fabric chandelier.

4 :: I’m loving the loose, informal style of Jenni Sparks. It inspires me to doodle more (and make my notes more interesting).

5 :: If you haven’t been to, it’s time to check it out. The site showcases user-submitted fake ads, products, and news from television and movies. My favorites are Misty Manley’s lovingly designed items from 30 Rock and Arrested Development.

6 :: Narwhals, narwhals, living in the ocean…even before the infamous YouTube video, narwhals have had a special place in my heart. When I saw this vintage glass narwhal ornament from Anthropologie, I knew I had to add it to our tree.

Friday Faves, November 4th

4 Nov


1 :: I did a lot of dress shopping this weekend for a ball (yes, a BALL!) that I’m attending on Saturday. While I was searching for a floor length gown, I saw so many cute “short” dresses that I wished I could get instead, like this Annaliese Sweetheart Dress from Ruche.

2 :: I’ve been eating a lot of salads lately, since Mr. Jones has been trying to eat less carbs/gluten. This beet and tangerine salad from SparklingInk is a fresh take on tangerines in salads, combined with crunch red onions.

3 :: I’ve always wished there were a “nap store” (so to speak), where you could pay to take a short nap on your lunch break, so I was thrilled when I saw this awesome idea from a Russian firm: a mini-hotel, perfect for naps!

4 :: For some reason, there’s been an influx of cute, foreign cars lately in our sunny state. They always make me smile, especially the little Fiat 500s.

5 :: This free crocheted basket pattern is originally in Danish, but thanks to Google Translate, you can make it even if you’re not a master of languages. I love how nice and cozy it is–perfect for winter scarves by the door!

6 :: The best clocks are the simplest, like this modern birch timepiece from Uncommon.

Friday Faves, September 2nd

2 Sep

Friday Faves, September 2nd

1 :: This Summer Festival Striped dress from Ruche is perfect for any last summer hurrahs (and would be great to wear while wandering your upcoming local fairs).
2 :: I stopped in at Broadway Square the other day for some Boba tea and was reminded how much I love it. Now I’m ready to try making my own, thanks to this bubble tea recipe from A Beautiful Mess.
3 :: These stamp sets from The Small Object were featured on Bleubird Vintage, and they’re way too cute. They’d make a great gift, or something fun to pull out on a road trip.
4 :: The work of Andy Morris from Chandelarrow Creative Company is snappy and vintage inspired. So much fun to look through.
5 :: I’ve been wanting to share these fun print-it-yourself airmail templates from How About Orange for a while now. Enjoy and send someone dear a letter!
6 :: Good Magazine just started their 30 day challenge for September: Connect with people! I’m going to follow along and will be blogging about the experience. Give it a shot!

Friday Faves, August 19th

19 Aug

August 19th Friday Faves

1 :: Now is the time for late summer dresses that transition nicely into fall, like the Cider dress from Shabby Apple.

2 :: I love Peanut Satay and cucumbers, so this Cucumber Peanut Salad recipe from 101 Cookbooks is genius. Plus, it’s ideal for when you want a nice cool dish for supper.

3 :: Bright repeating patterns and fun shapes on this Krakatoa Poster from Studio Violet will make your wall pop!

4 :: Stackable rings that let you mix up whatever color combo strikes your fancy: Hammered Copper Stacking Rings from MixedMetal.

5 :: Not only does Ashley Ann give you a free download of this bright poster, but she shows you how to turn it into a rolled canvas. Add an old wooden clamp hanger and you’ve got some quick and easy wall art.

6 :: I can’t wait to make this. Bunting is fun, old records are even better, so combining the two? Perfect. DIY record sleeve bunting from Oh Happy Day.

Friday Faves, August 5th

5 Aug


1 :: Summer is fading out, but there’s still time for a nice walk by the sea or day on the lake. The Too Much Fun Dress in Peacock from ModCloth is perfect for enjoying the last month of summer sun.

2 :: I wish I had grown zucchinis in my garden this year, but that won’t stop me from enjoying Stuffed Zucchini with Millet and Vegetables.  La Tartine Gourmande shares the delectable recipe, along with stunning photos (her eye for natural light is astounding).

3 :: Though I’m not able to be with my family at the Jersey Shore this year, this Coney Island Beach photograph brings back memories of my favorite summer trip growing up. Get it from Society 6 as a print, an iPhone case, on a shirt, or more (and explore some of their other featured artists while you’re there).

4 :: I’m in love with all of the prints from Johnny & Stacie, but the Headphones print is my favorite. The bright yellow and blue are what ended up inspiring all of today’s faves. I wish I had real pair of these to slip on!

5 :: Heather Bailey designs gorgeous fabric and she also comes up with the sweetest little DIY projects. This pincushion bracelet is so beautiful, I would wear it out (sans pin) any day of the week.

6 :: These little whale beads are simple, but so cute! I really wish I could get this as a paperweight/desk sculpture, but having one on a bracelet or necklace would still be fun.

Friday Faves, 4th of July Weekend Edition!

1 Jul

1 :: This Art Class Henley from Anthropologie is polished and comfy, perfect for firework viewing and cookouts!

2 :: Martha Stewart is the queen of fourth of July desserts, and her Summer Shortcake is no different. Yes, the star shapes are a little “Good Housekeeping” but hey, it’s a holiday!

3 :: Vintage soda bottles are a great way to decorate for summer get-togethers, and these 7up bottles from RobertaGrove would be perfect for a centerpiece.

4 :: Add some gold sparkle to your ears without going overboard on the spangle. The Lucia Earrings from Branchbound are light and sweet.

5 :: I love looking at all the gorgeous apartments from Creative Flats, a new apartments-as-hotel concept in Montreal. Already decked out with amazing decor, these apartments are a great alternative to a blank hotel room.

6 :: If you’ve got some down time over this long weekend and want to do an easy DIY, try creating some modern, graphic artwork with extra office supplies. How About Orange takes you through the steps and has some great ideas.

Friday Faves, June 24th

24 Jun


1 :: The Set a President dress from ModCloth is simple but smart. Perfect for a wedding, a special summer date, or even just a trip to the library!

2 :: Mr. Jones got me an amazing ice cream maker for my birthday, so I’ve been making ice cream like crazy. Peach ice cream is my absolute favorite, and I’m really looking forward to trying this Honey Peach Ice Cream from Ezra Pound Cake.

3 :: If you’re like me, you have lots of new babies (and new moms) to celebrate with this summer. Wrap your gift in something special by following this fabric wrapping DIY from Inchmark Journal.

4 :: I love birds, and they were a big part of our wedding theme. Though our anniversary is still a ways off, this Vintage Lovebirds necklace from The Vintage Pearl would make a lovely gift (hint hint!).

5 :: Owen Gatley’s style is calculated but fun. I love the care and detail he takes in his illustrations, while making them seem effortless. His maps are especially whimsical!

6 :: Now that I’m deep into beach season, and I’d love to trade up my worn Taget beach bag for this sweet and simple sailor tote from Bayan Hippo. It’s big enough to hold all the essentials, but nice enough to use as a regular tote bag once the beach sand has left my feet!

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