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Mod Fun With She & Him’s “Don’t Look Back”

20 Jan

Don't Look Back

I only follow a few celebrities on Twitter, but one of them is Zooey Deschanel. She always posts lovely pictures and great vinyl album picks, along with updates on her side music project, She & Him. Yesterday she posted about the new She & Him video, “Don’t Look Back.” It’s chock-full of mod goodness, and so today I thought I’d share some fun picks inspired by the video.

don't look back

I love the choreography (done by Sophie Olson, who also choreographed the numbers for “In the Sun“). Sixties go-go dancing always makes me smile, so I ended up going to YouTube and enjoying some other big dance numbers from  Viva Las Vegas and Bye Bye Birdie (both of these are longer scenes, but the dancing is so worth it).

mod vases

The decor and typography are fabulous as well–these vases definitely made me think of Jonathan Adler!

Jonathan Adler Vases

Capuchine Vases from Jonathan Adler, $95-$295

zooey in blue dress

You can recreate the sunny go-go vibe with a simple blue dress, red belt (get really crazy and throw in blue and black striped tights), vintage radio, French “Funny Face” poster and this mid-century shelf.

blue american apparel dress

Fine Jersey Leisure Dress from American Apparel, $34

Wide Red Belt

Wide Red Belt on Etsy, $16

vintage AM radio MID CENTURY Sears Silvertone

Vintage Sears Radio on Etsy, $40

audrey funny face poster french

Original French “Funny Face” poster from, $750

Vintage Mid Century Modern Wall Unit, Room Divider, Shelving and Bar

Mid-Century Wall Unit/Shelving on Etsy, $1,100

Creative Spaces at The Selby

2 Dec

TheSelby Logo

I’ve been a bit under the weather ever since Thanksgiving (hence the lack of posting), but I managed to stop coughing and drinking tea long enough to enjoy the incredible array of inspiration that is The Selby.

Kate and Andy Spade's Kitchen

Created and photographed by Todd Selby, the site features photos of creatives and their personal spaces (like the kitchen of Kate and Andy Spade, above). Todd has an amazing eye for detail, and there’s no shortage of brilliant individuals showcasing their space.

Annie's Urban Farm

Slocombe Ice creamery

Pamela's Bookshelf

Just looking at these places make me want to take more care and creativity in the spaces I inhabit. I love the energy that comes from both carefully curated collections and mish-mashes of artistic material.

Confetti Systems

Eileen and Mark's Bedroom

(Thanks to Caitlin from Feather & Webb for sharing The Selby on Facebook)

Electric Wizard Fan

11 Oct

Vintage Electric Fan Front View

I was ecstatic when we came home on Friday night to find a large package in the mailbox. It was the fan I had won earlier that week on eBay, and it’s perfect. It is a vintage electric “Wizard” fan, with a light turquoise base. I’m in love with it, from the wire cage to the scripted typography on the center logo.

Vintage Electric Fan

It’s in great shape and works like a breeze (hah…yes, I crack myself up). I’m going to give it a thorough cleaning, and I’m trying to decide if I want to repaint the base with fresh turquoise enamel paint.

Vintage Electric Fan Closeup

The best part? It was less than $20! It adds a nice shot off vintage flair to our bedroom, and it will certainly be pleasant on those warmer evenings when we want to avoid turning the A/C down.

Friday Faves

30 Apr

Happy Friday! Here are a few fun things from the interweb that have made me smile this week:

1 :: From Me to You is a captivating blog from NYC photographer Jamie Beck. Her photos are filled with stories and the blog design itself is incredibly detailed.

2 :: I’m really excited about making these homemade pop tarts from Smitten Kitchen. Mr. Jones is a big fan of pop tarts, but he only gets them on trips because I never buy them at home (you don’t even want to know what’s in them). I’ll be sure to do a post on how they turn out!

3 :: My father and brother-in-law recently bought some chicks and they are growing fast! I’m going to help them build a coop soon and am looking forward to some of their tasty eggs (or, to be honest, some free-range chicken if they don’t lay enough). Making it Lovely just featured some stylish and fun chicken coops–mostly out of my price range, but great inspiration!

4 :: Speaking of “out of my price range,” I could never afford this Kate Spade dress, but its polka dots and ruffles are splendid! I’d love to wear this while enjoying the lighter weather of May.

5 :: Mother’s Day is coming up, which means a crop of fun new cards. I went to college with the talented Anna Bond and am always excited to see her new illustrations. This Mother’s Day card is just one of the charming pieces of stationery from her shop, be sure to check them all out!

6 :: If you’re in the mood for a DIY project this weekend, Dried Figs and Wooden Spools just did a great how to on making over your trash can. Simple and cheap!

My plans for the weekend include a trip to the farmer’s market, helping Caleb set up an electric racing track for the Awana Grand Prix on Sunday, and a birthday party for one of the sweetest one-year-olds I know. Happy last day of April!

Cap and Gown Cards

25 Apr

Tomorrow my brother graduates from Eastern Michigan University (congrats, Phil!). Since we’re in the cap and gown mood over here, I thought I’d do a little roundup of  fun cards for the graduate in your life.




via Hello!Lucky


via Paper Source


via pink loves brown

Detroit Architecture

24 Apr

I’m in Michigan right now, and while most of my time will be spent in the suburbs, I thought I’d share a few examples of the Detroit architecture that I love.

In the twenties, towards the beginning of Detroit’s auto boom, there were rivers of money floating straight to the heart of the motor city. Architects like Albert Kahn were given free reign to build incredible skyscrapers, such as the Fisher building. The exteriors were breathtaking, and no expense was spared, even on the details inside (real gold faucets, expansive glass work and intricate tiling).

The Fisher Building; Michigan Central Station; Wayne State Education Building

Sadly, most of these skyscrapers have been looted or torn down. Even Michigan Central Station, a substantial city landmark, was under the threat of being demolished this month until a city resident sued the city, citing the National Historic Preservation Act.

There are also some incredible mid-century modern designs in the city, like Lafayette Park. Planned mainly by Mies van der Rohe, it’s an extremely successful urban housing project.

Lafayette Park: East Tower Apartments; Townhouses

So many sections of Detroit have fallen into decay or been deserted, so it’s great to rediscover the gems hidden in its midst. Countless Detroiters have fought long and hard to keep historic buildings standing and hopefully one day the city will grow again to inspire new architects.

Motivated but Freezing

5 Jan

Yesterday I wrote “10” on a date for the first time, and it felt so strange. Is it really 2010? It’s odd being in a year with only one syllable. I’m so used to saying things like, “nintey-nine” or “oh-eight” or even “two-thousand”. But ten? Just ten? It will take me a while to get used to that.

So far my new year’s resolutions are off to a solid start. I worked out yesterday, went shopping and got a bunch of good “real food,” am being productive (well, most of the time) at work, and Mr. Jones and I are starting to schedule more regular “date nights.”

It’s been super-duper cold lately, so last night after I made dinner (blackened salmon with chickpea vinegarette and greens), we curled up on the couch and watched tv. I had a hard time motivating myself to get up and actually get ready for bed. I’m hoping this cold snap will pass soon–I really want to ride my new bike! Maybe this weekend…no, wait, the lows are 24-27 degrees. Ick.  Oh well, at least I have a good excuse to cuddle up with a warm blanket and a cute boy. :)


January Desktop Background
Start your year with a lovely new desktop–this beauty is by Julia Rothman for Design*Sponge. Download it here!

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