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Oliver: Nine and Ten Months

3 May



Combined post because the past two months have been such a blur! At nine and ten months, Oliver…

:: Has this really fun position that he likes where he’s up on one knee with the other leg diagonally to his side. Very yoga-like and very cute.

:: Loves paper. Oranges. Hot Cross buns.

:: Likes to gouge my face with his sharp, tiny fingernails. Or pull my hair, if he’s lying next to me for a nap and can’t fall asleep.

:: Still super fascinated by Charlie.

:: Has been a super velcro baby lately, not wanting me to put him down or leave the room. I blame teeth.

:: Is starting to enjoy being “dipped” upside down for a moment, but still doesn’t like too much motion (like being thrown up in the air).

:: Visited Rome and was fawned over by every Italian woman over the age of 50. “Dulci!” they would exclaim.

:: Speed crawls. To the point that sometimes he’ll faceplant because his legs get ahead of his hands.

:: Cruises all over the place. He’s starting to bridge some of the gaps at wider and wider distances by barely even touching the furniture.

:: Babbles like crazy, with new sounds showing up constantly.

:: Likes riding in the ergo on my back like a koala bear.

:: Has two top teeth and two bottom teeth, with more threatening to break through at any moment.

:: Growls. Not at anything consistent, but it cracks me up.

:: Has a super cackly-laugh/giggle that I wish I could bottle up.

Oliver: Eight Months

1 Mar


A little late, but at 8 Months, Oliver…

:: Is a total live wire. Kid cannot be contained. The only way he will happily stay in my arms is if he is A) tired B) held while I am standing. If I sit down, he immediately tries to wriggle free, and getting him dressed/changed? It’s ridiculous. I’ve already started with the standing diaper changes as he won’t stay on his back for more than a millisecond.

:: Has two bottom teeth. They were not fun but glad they’ve finally come through!

:: Still adores his brother and will cross a room at lightning speed to get close to him.

:: Is starting to work on standing on his own — just for a few seconds at a time, then back to cruising around on the furniture.

:: Has a super adorable laugh that I just can’t get enough of.

:: Loves oranges. Not a fan of purees (which I actually tried a bit this time — Charlie was Baby Led Weaning all the way). Likes bananas but isn’t totally sure about their texture. Big fan of cucumbers, not super interested in much of the other things i’ve given him (but he’ll try nearly anything).

:: Had a bout with pinkeye (conjunctivitis) in both eyes, which was super sad but thankfully didn’t keep him down too much.

:: Loves to bounce up and down if I’m holding him. Also loves to bop and “dance” in his high chair if Caleb starts doing similar motions.

:: Is a chatterbox. The variety of noises and words that he puts together are so much fun to listen to.

:: Has an obsession with trying to eat paper and plastic. He will go to great lengths to acquire them and is very, very unhappy when I take them away!

:: Likes to play peek-a-boo in the bath tub and gets really excited about it, laughing and splashing the water.

Oliver: Seven Months

25 Jan


At seven months, Oliver…

:: Has tasted lots of different foods but not really been interested in actually eating any of them. He’s been most excited about licking/gumming on an apple, but I think that was more of a teething thing. I’m hoping to get the high chair out of the attic tomorrow so he can have a little more space for BLW (Baby Led Weaning) while the rest of us are eating. I’ve been trying to give him tastes of things but meals are always so involved that I feel like it just doesn’t happen as easily.

:: Is a lightning fast crawler. He started crawling a couple weeks before he turned 7 months and is such a pro. It’s a little scary. He’s already into climbing over things, going through tunnels, etc.

:: Has gotten a bit more serious. Exploring the world is an important job! There was a definite shift once he figured out crawling from being totally entertained and goofy all the time to making “discover all the things” his number one priority.

:: The exploring has also led to him pulling up to stand and even starting to cruise on the furniture or whatever he’s able to pull up on. Which in turn has led to multiple daily bumps when he tips over or loses his grip.

:: Loves his brother. He will follow Charlie anywhere and is always the most interested in whatever Charlie has. Charlie, while much more tolerant of Oliver than he used to be (I could even say he likes him a fair amount of the time), is not such a big fan. He tends to freak out when Oliver is touching him, or very passionately declares his ownership of whatever item Oliver wants to touch. Totally normal toddler/baby sibling stuff, and as long as there’s no threat of physical harm, I try to stay out of it. I’m enjoying watching them build their own sibling relationship and every day brings a new shared experience for the two of them.

:: Has started to say “ma ma ma” a little, especially if he’s with his dad and seems to want me. I’m not 100% convinced he’s making the connection but it does seem like he means me when he’s saying it!

:: Thinks his reflection/image his hilarious. Anytime I let him look at himself on my phone he just giggles and grins.

:: Has had his first tooth break through. Finally. The poor kid has been a drooling mess for weeks, and his sleep…well, it’s not been pretty. But now that I can feel the entire top ridge of his first tooth, I’m hoping maybe his mouth will start feeling better. I’m definitely ready for him to sleep better, and I’m sure he is too.

:: Is getting a lot more hair — I feel like it’s coming in more quickly (and darker) than it did with Charlie. I still can’t tell if it’s curly or not, but since Caleb’s genes seem to run stronger in him, I think he’s got pretty good odds.

Oliver: Six Months

2 Jan


At six months, Oliver…

:: is a pro at scooting. He can go across a room in minutes if he’s got the right motivation.

:: has the crawl position down. He likes to get up on all fours and rock back and forth, followed by a scoot forward and then into army crawling territory.

:: almost has the sitting position figured out. I’ve let him do his thing and without any help from me, he’s been working on backing up from his crawl position onto his bottom and propping himself up with his hands. He has this awesome semi-reclining greek-esque pose where he’ll use one hand to investigate a toy and the other to keep his balance. I love all the fun little positions that happen in between the bigger developmental milestones like crawling and sitting.

:: is ticklish. I try not to bug him too much but it’s a lot of fun to give his chunky legs a little squeeze and watch him chuckle.

:: hasn’t really eaten much food yet. It’s been a busy month and the timing just hasn’t worked out for him to really get started on solids. He’s had a few bites of sweet potato and gummed around on a banana, but I’m looking forward to seeing what else he enjoys once we get back in the regular routine of things.

:: Loves to see what his older brother is doing. Nothing makes him scoot faster than Charlie playing with something cool in his general vicinity.

:: Is wearing 9 month clothing and still covered in rolls. He’s not massive by any means but what a little chunk.

:: Has thoroughly enjoyed all the attention from his adoring relatives during our travels in the USA.

Oliver: Five Months

15 Nov


At five months, Oliver…

:: Has started scooting (?!). I know. Not far yet, and it takes him a lot of work, but it’s all he wants to do right now. He’s got major crawl action going with his legs, getting on his knees and everything, but hasn’t figured out that he needs to push his upper body up at the same time. I’m excited for him but, yikes! I’m not ready for a mobile baby! It’s hard enough watching the two boys with one still staying (generally) in one place.

:: Also enjoys rolling around, doing what we call the “skydiver” pose (lying on his stomach and putting his arms back, whilst puffing up his chest and looking around), grabbing his toes, and trying to chew on everything.

:: Is still toothless, although he has started to get some toothy texture in his lower front gums. I can almost feel them poking up, but it could still be ages before they appear.

:: Received his passport and his BRP visa, which means we are all heading to the USA soon for an extended visit. Unfortunately, his BRP visa will expire at the same time as all of our visas (in March), meaning I have to reapply (and re-pay the $1000 fee) for him along with ours. Yuck.

:: Still wiggles, wiggles, wiggles. Nonstop. I’m a bit nervous about how he’s going to do on our long flight to the US, because he loves moving around on the floor so much and often tries to arch out of my arms if I’m holding him. Hopefully we’ll luck out and get the bulkhead or a bassinet attachment!

:: Discovered how much fun it is to screech like a pterodactyl. He will grin like mad and make the wildest noises. Also not super fun on an airplane…

:: Smiles at anyone and everyone. Which will hopefully make up for any disruptions he causes while flying. He grins away the second someone smiles at him, causing all sorts of baby talk and exclamations from old ladies when we are in town.

Oliver: Four Months

17 Oct


At four months, Oliver…

:: Has a super cute laugh. I mean, pretty much all babies do, but of course as his mom I find Oliver’s particularly grin-inducing. It takes a little work, but once you have him smiling enough, it’s bound to happen (squeals and all).

:: Has a cold. Just a small one, thankfully, mainly with watery eyes and some extra coughing. It’s been going around as the seasons are shifting, and I’m just hoping that our upcoming travels will help us avoid some of the other bugs that start multiplying like crazy over here.

:: Got all his paperwork in! We are hoping to head back to the USA for a visit over the holidays, and due to Caleb’s brother getting married just before Thanksgiving, we’ve bumped up our travel plans a bit. We had to rush everything but so far it seems like we will probably get Oliver’s passport just in time for our travels.

:: Enjoyed traipsing around London. We had to go to the U.S. Embassy in London to file a number of different forms in order to make Oliver an official U.S. Citizen (still seems crazy to think that he will always be telling people that he was born in Wales). It was a long day and a half of bus travel, riding on the tube, waiting and more waiting, but Oliver didn’t mind and even enjoyed wiggling around on a blanket at the British Museum.

:: Is really, really wiggly. It takes me forever to get him dressed or changed because he just doesn’t stop moving around. Right now his favorite thing is to grab his toes, and every time I move him back to start putting his trousers on, he grabs them again. And again. And again.

:: Loves texture. He’s an especially big fan of different fabrics and still loves to pull them over his head.

:: Loves watching his older brother. On days when Charlie is out doing something with his dad, Oliver is always extra needy. But if Charlie is around, he is as happy as a clam just being a spectator.

:: Started rolling over! It seems like he’s been practicing all month long, but just yesterday he used his crib bars to help push himself all the way over, and today he’s done it 3-4 times in different places. I’m really excited for him (he seems so pleased with himself), but I am also hoping his mobility stays low for a while.

:: Hit the 4 month sleep regression (Google it if you need to, not fun), and hit it hard. He was happily falling asleep on his own (Charlie didn’t do that until he was nearly two) really well for the past month, and would almost always sleep a really nice long stretch for the first part of the night. Now it takes lots of re-assurance, there are tears no matter what, and he’s waking up about a bajillion times a night. There’s a lot going on for him developmentally right now and I know that his sleep cycles are changing, but I will be very glad to be past this phase. Especially because both boys have started getting up at 6am (they were normally waking around 7/7:30am) and we have a time change coming up, not to mention a massive amount of jet lag and major change in routine! Here’s to coffee…

:: Really enjoys talking to himself and is starting to make new noises all the time.

:: Is solidly in 3-6 month clothing and still covered in rolls. I love it.

Oliver: Three Months

17 Sep


At three months, Oliver…

:: Is so very happy and smiley. It doesn’t take much — just look him in the eyes and smile and he will grin right back!

:: has an incredible sense of wonder. He loves to inspect every aspect of the things around him, and will focus on fabrics for ages. He just generally seems very impressed by the world around him.

:: likes to “sing” and chat. All those cute baby noises, I just can’t get enough!

:: Is going to sleep on his own at night! I am still completely in awe, and I fully understand that his sleep habits can and will change as he grows, but for right now, we do our bedtime routine, I tell him goodnight, and he goes to sleep without so much as a peep. Charlie always needed a lot of cuddling and I don’t think he went to sleep completely on his own until he was past two (except for a random few weeks around 5 months). Oliver just has a totally different personality, and it will be interesting to see where his sleep journey goes. But for now, I am reveling in the fact that by 8pm I normally have two sleeping boys who will stay that way until at least midnight. Gotta enjoy it while it lasts (the four month sleep regression is just around the corner).

:: doesn’t like long naps. Maybe it’s because he sleeps so soundly at night, but during the day it’s rare for him to sleep more than 20-30 minutes at a time. He usually wakes up quite happy (and at this age, short naps are pretty normal), but I am hoping some nap consolidation happens soon.

:: Enjoys touching his hands together. He discovered they could reach together last week and now loves to watch himself touch them together, or sit and hold them across his chest, looking very dignified.

:: Wants so badly to roll onto his stomach. He’s been working really hard on it and can get all the way on his side. I’m cheering him on but also trying to relish his current (relative) immobility.

:: likes to scoot backwards. He can actually get pretty far (but it takes him a long time) by doing this push back with his legs. I have a feeling he might end up being a bum shuffler before he crawls (Charlie pretty much went straight to crawling).

:: Really enjoys pulling blankets over his head, especially when he’s in the pack ‘n play in the kitchen. There’s a (breathable) blanket over the sheet to make it a bit softer, and he loves to grab it and pull it over one side of his head. Charlie and I joke that he’s making his own little fort before fixing it for him.

:: continues to be a bath maniac. Sheez. I feel like I never want to miss a moment of bathtime with him, he is so excited and wiggly and giddy. The grins! The laughs! It’s like he remembers being born in the water and made a special connection with it or something.

:: is on the way to become “legal.” We have an appointment at the London Embassy in early October to file for his passport. We are hoping it will come quickly so we can get his UK visa and enable him to travel.

Oliver: Two Months

20 Aug


At two months, Oliver…

:: Is so chunky. He has BACK rolls. I can’t get over it.

:: Started wearing 3 month clothing. Which is mind-blowing when he’s wearing stuff that Charlie wore when he was closer to 6 months!

:: Has chilled out a lot. He’s super happy and enjoys just chilling in his pack n play whenever we are in the kitchen. He loves light and shadows and has just started trying to reach things that are near him.

:: Finally figured out how to poop in the morning (see my previous post). Thank goodness. He still tends to wake early to take care of business, so to speak, but he’s gotten the hang of it and made my mornings much better.

:: Smiles like crazy! We’re starting to get some goobery-almost-laugh noises recently and I’m loving it.

:: Is really wiggly and now scoots and shifts into new spots if I leave him on his blanket for a few minutes.

:: LOVES the bath. I’m pretty sure he’d live in it if he could. He gets a really peaceful look on his face when I first put him in, then starts kicking wildly and grinning like a nut.

:: Enjoyed spending lots of time with his grandma (my Mom) during her visit last week. I’m so glad my parents were able to come and hang out with the boys, and it was really nice having some extra sets of hands for a bit.

:: Has already endured a few wounds from his brother, but nothing serious. Charlie is still working on finding the line (or rather, not crossing the line) from gentle pats and tickles to pokes that are not quite so nice.

:: Looks more and more like his dad every day.

:: Visited London! He mostly napped but did seem to really enjoy watching the fountains at the gardens in Buckingham Palace.


Oliver: One Month

16 Jul


At one month, Oliver…

:: Is pretty darn adorable. He is just so squishy! I can’t get over the double chin.

:: Is nearly 10 pounds! (well, he actually is 10 pounds as I type this, but was almost there at 1 month). It’s so strange having a chunky baby — Charlie was always such a string bean. He still fits in newborn clothes because he’s also short, but we’ll be doing the clothing shift in the next week or so.

:: Doesn’t actually have a birth certificate yet. He was born at home (birth story to come), so I have an appointment to get him “registered” next week and then he’ll be on his way through a complicated (and expensive) journey of paperwork and logistics which will hopefully leave him with both a US passport and a UK visa.

:: Looks more like his dad than me. Which is pretty awesome. I’m excited to have two boys who favor each of us in different ways. It will be so much fun to see how he grows!

:: Loves being held. A lot. Unfortunately I am not going to be one of those people who say, “Oh, second babies are so easy! They sleep all the time! Blah blah blah…” Nope. Not always true. Don’t get me wrong, he’s generally quite happy (although this week is a growth spurt and wonder week, so he’s grumpier than normal in the evenings), but none of the “happy to be put down wherever / sleeps so easily” fluff and roses. He sleeps in his moses basket at least once a day, but not usually for very long. I’ve started getting longer stretches of “floor time” with him, but only if I’m right there next to him and only for a few minutes.

:: Does sleep pretty decently at night, and thankfully hasn’t had any of the “mixed up” circadian rhythms that lead to midnight pacing and a wide awake baby. He wakes up to eat a few times but goes right back to sleep, at least until the early morning when he starts his “grunt for an hour and then do a giant poo” routine (another thing I’m hoping he’ll grow out of soon).

:: Grunts like a baby goat. It cracks me up and is super adorable! He’s super, super grunty and I hope he doesn’t grow out of it too soon. He’s also started to add noises like, “AhhhAHHHHahhh” and “Oi!”

:: Spits up. A LOT. Another thing that’s a new experience for me. Our laundry has increased tenfold, it’s unlikely (even with burp cloths out the wazoo) that either Oliver or I will make it through the day without a change of clothes, and as I type this both my wrap and my sling are air-drying from being chucked on earlier. I’ve thought about cutting out dairy to see if it helps, but the spitting up/gassiness is his only “symptom” and to be honest, thinking about no dairy makes me want to weep. I’m just crossing my fingers that his digestive system will figure things out soon.

:: Loves being carried in my wrap (a beautiful Didymos gifted to me by a friend), which I’m so thankful for. The woven wrap feels so much more secure than my stretchy wrap (Moby) or ring sling; pretty crucial when you’re chasing a 2.5 year old around. I’m hoping to work on doing a back carry once he’s a bit older and has better head control.

:: Has an older brother who loves him…and also licks him. On the head; go figure. Charlie has been hitting all the normal strides of getting a new sibling, including some regressions (thankfully nothing massive) and extra wild/emotional behavior. But things have evened out a lot, especially as we’ve gotten into somewhat of a more regular routine, and Charlie loves to talk about “Ol-li-ler” and giggles whenever Oliver touches him or looks at him “funny.” Tonight I had Oliver in the bath with Charlie for a little bit and Charlie had a blast pouring water on his tummy. We talk about how Oliver doesn’t do a whole lot right now but will play with Charlie when he is older, which Charlie loves. Things like, “Ol-li-ler get bigger, Ol-li-ler go to the park with me! I show Ol-li-ler how to climb!”

:: Has really started to wake up and kick and check out the world around him. We’ve even gotten a few actual grins out of him in the past few days!


Charlie: Two Years

7 Jan


At two years, Charlie…

:: Is so old (to me)! I really can’t believe he is two years old, and that we won’t have another “fox” photo until next year. For simplicity’s sake, I am hoping to do weekly photos of our kids their first year, monthly the second year, and yearly after that. Who knows how it will work out with WeeBabyJonesTwo, but that’s the plan.

:: Has gotten past a major “picky” phase. I don’t doubt there are more to come, but he had a bit of a stomach bug and it really put him off a lot of different kinds of food for a while. He’s still not a big fan of vegetables “on their own” (he’ll eat them in sauces/soups/casseroles), but he still amazes me with his flexible palate.

:: Had a wonderful, wonderful birthday. He still talks about it every day and it’s been almost a month. We did a small morning out with two of his friends (i love the idea of limiting party sizes to the amount of their age when they are young — so next year he will have three friends). We went to a local soft play and did brownie popsicles and “special” juice (really just lots of different fruit flavors). Most importantly to Charlie, though, they have “ball cannons.” They’re air/vacuum-powered and you can shoot little foam balls out of them. Again, it’s been nearly a month, and he still talks about them multiple times a day!

:: Talks, talks, and talks. All the time. I can’t say either of us are surprised, but the sentences and conversations, they are hilarious. We love talking to him and hearing all that he has to say, it’s so much fun. I know every kid develops at different paces and has different strengths and weaknesses, but I wasn’t at all surprised when they told us at his two-year review that he was on a three year old level with speech. The next thing we are working on is for him to learn to wait while I am talking to someone else. I love this idea from An Everyday Story — he is still a bit young for it but we will start going in that direction.

:: Likes to color with markers but really doesn’t want to keep them on the paper. So marker times tend to be fairly short. He’s not a fan of messy things or getting “sticky hands” but ended up enjoying shaving cream + food coloring in the bathtub. I’m hoping to introduce liquid watercolors soon but need to order some paint.

:: Runs, tumbles, does a sortof almost-somersault/tripod headstand, flips, jumps — he has a lot of energy. There’s a local “baby gym” that I’m hoping to take him to soon where the toddlers have free reign of the mats and beams, etc. Of course, he and his dad are constantly working on his “acrobatics” with our bed as the big mat.

:: Loves to read (mainly to be read to). Current favorites are I am a Bunny, The Book of Sleep, Mog the Forgetful Cat, and a really sweet “audio” recorded book that his aunt and uncle got him for Christmas.

:: Is still fascinated by cars, trucks, and construction vehicles. We got him a used Plan Toys garage for his birthday and I ordered a few of their cars, which he has so much fun with.

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