Seven Months

17 Jul


At seven months, Charlie…

:: Is more wiggly than ever, constantly trying to examine and figure out everything that he comes into contact with.

:: Travelled from London to New York, then to Pennsylvania, drove to Michigan, flew to Florida, then flew home to London. Whew! We had a busy month. He did really well on all of the flights (the flight attendants loved him) and didn’t cry, but I was exhausted after 8 1/2 wiggly hours of baby-wrangling. The grandparents had a great time spoiling him, and he had a blast playing with so many new friends.

:: Took his first real dip in the ocean. We went to the beach on the Fourth of July with Mr. Jones’ family and ventured into the waves. He was very intense and took everything in with big eyes, but he definitely had fun.

:: Has graduated from scooting to what I like to call “the snowplow” — putting his head down, sticking his bottom up in the air and using his feet to propel his body forward. He doesn’t get very far on it but it’s enough to navigate him around our living room, one snowplow move at a time.

:: Loves to grab onto my hands and pull himself into a sitting, then standing position. He gets the biggest grin and is very proud of his pulling-up ability.

:: Sits all by himself and only tips over every now and then (usually when he tries to reach really far for a toy).

:: Likes to sing to his food. We didn’t get very far with Baby Led Weaning (Feeding)  before we travelled to the States, where it was a bit hectic to do many messy meals. He’s getting back into the swing of things and still mostly enjoys just playing with his food, but man, does he enjoy holding it out and singing to it. Mr. Jones and I like to make up lyrics about whatever it is he’s got on his tray.

:: Loves drinking water out of a cup. He doesn’t actually swallow much, but will immediately reach out with both hands and try to grab any glass I’m drinking out of.

:: Babbles and yells and blows raspberries like crazy, especially when he first wakes up in the morning.

:: Gets called by the following nicknames: Bug, Wigs McGiggs (short for Wiggles McGiggles), Grump Nugget, Goober, Scooter.

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