Pregnancy Update – 26 Weeks

21 Sep

How far along? 26 weeks

How big is baby? As long as a cucumber. Which to me, seems a little smaller than an eggplant, but I guess they’re going by length and not total size.

Total weight gain: +20lbs

Maternity Clothes? Another Target score, thanks to the fact that they finally brought out the fall stuff. At this point, though, I’m holding off buying anything else until we get to Wales. Unless it’s super, super cute and a crazy good deal.

Stretch marks? Nope.

Sleep: The Wee Baby Jones has gotten to the point where he’s keeping me up with all his crazy moving around (see below). Important PSA: don’t eat a brownie at 9pm. You will regret it. Especially at 12:45am when someone is doing full acrobatic routines.

Movement: It’s funny–I thought that his movements were spacing out to be less frequent, or maybe that I was just getting used to them. And then. This week. The kid has been going nuts! I think this quote from Amalah’s week-by-week pregnancy calendar describes it perfectly: “Remember those early bubbly butterfly kicks? Yeah. Those have been replaced by something akin to a rabid mongoose flippin’ out inside a burlap sack.” Yep.

Food cravings: Still nothing crazy, but I had a really specific one last Saturday. While I was floating down the Ichetucknee (On my stomach! It was amazing!), I told Mr. Jones that I wanted nothing more than some perfectly crunchy fries. And an amazing cheeseburger. And root beer. Then I realized what I really wanted was a meal from A&W. Except, we didn’t actually have any within a two hour radius. We ended up at a local restaurant who did have amazing burgers and fries….but had to stop at Sonic to get a root beer float.

What I miss: My second trimester energy. Next week marks the start of the third trimester (well, according to most of the books) and I can definitely tell my energy is on the decline. Bedtime is getting earlier, whether I like it or not. It’s not terrible or anything, but man, feeling relatively normal for the last few months has been really, really nice.

What I am looking forward to: Finishing out my last week of work. My last day full-time is next Friday, and I’m really, really excited about it. I wanted at least a week off before we left for Wales, and now it’s looking like I may even have two or three. I have a list of random tasks that I’ve been meaning to get done, a date with the beach, lots of reading and knitting, and plenty of people to see before we leave. I’m also thrilled to not have to drive for two hours every day (especially since we’re now down to one car).

Milestones: Apparently the Jones sound system is fully installed at this point–meaning our child should be able to differentiate voices, hear music, etc. I haven’t done anything like put headphones on my stomach, but it’d be pretty great if he decided to start moving around to a rhythm. Or at least, for the first few minutes, before my rib cage starts begging for mercy.

Oh, and THIS: Up until now, his favorite spot has been over on my right side. But this week, for a day, he decided that it’d be more fun to chill completely over on the left. Mr. Jones is now convinced that the Wee Baby Jones is going to be left-handed, just like his dad.

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  1. Allison Davis 21. Sep, 2012 at 4:23 pm #

    Love the pictures and your color blocking outfit! It is great to hear your pregnancy is going well. Praying for you and Wee Baby Jones.

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