Building Muscle (Saint Augustine Style)

27 Mar


How to double your upper-body strength in one weekend: paddleboarding + building a garden. Whew! This weekend was a fun one, but left me feeling like I’d been working out in the gym for hours.

We started off Saturday morning with a trip out to Elkton, where Caleb’s parents and grandparents live. We’re building a raised bed garden with some friends and needed to fill it in. Let me tell you–dirt is expensive! Our little raised bed was only 2 x 6 (we followed this awesome how-to), and buying dirt would have cost us upwards of $30. Thankfully, Caleb’s grandparents live on the edge of a potato farm, where there is lots and lots of lovely dirt. Dirt doesn’t shovel itself, though, so we backed Caleb’s truck in and got moving. We definitely earned that truck-full!

paddleboarding (almost)

After getting the garden put together, we gave ourselves a break (well, kinda) and headed over to Anastasia Island State Park for some paddleboarding. I’ve been wanting to try this for what feels like forever, not knowing that less than ten minutes down the road, we could rent a board for just $15/hr. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was much easier than I thought it would be! Okay, so balancing wasn’t quite as simple once we put the board into the water, but it only took a few minutes to get the feel of it. The rental shack is right on the edge of Salt Run, an inter-coastal waterway that doesn’t have many waves, so the water was nice and flat–perfect for beginners.

Doing a trip down to the lighthouse and back took the full hour, and by the time we got back, I felt like my muscles were ready to fall off. It’s not quite as intense as kayaking (paddleboarding distributes the work to your core and lower-body, rather than staying concentrated up top), but for someone who isn’t regularly working out (I know, I know), I was ready for a rest.


We fueled up with some fish tacos at Nalu’s, a great little baja food truck near the park. And of course, since it’s right next door, I had my first shaved ice of the season!  I stuck with my favorite: Red, White & Blue with fluff. The perfect way to end the day (well, that and a nice long nap).

shaved ice

I’m looking forward to paddleboarding again soon. Maybe next time we’ll get even braver and head out to the ocean!


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3 Responses to “Building Muscle (Saint Augustine Style)”

  1. Sara Carl Sears 27. Mar, 2012 at 6:47 pm #

    Crystal!! You rock :) what an inspiration! It looks like you and Caleb had SO much fun!

  2. Miss Jones 28. Mar, 2012 at 4:22 pm #

    Yes, it was a blast! It really was easy–you should definitely try it sometime if you haven’t already. :)

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