A Change Will Do You Good

21 Mar

Code and Coffee

So. Hi. Been awhile, huh?

Let me back up a little. When I started this blog, I was working in a job where I was over-qualified. It definitely had its benefits; namely, that I got everything done much faster than I needed to, so I had at least an hour a day of Chill Internet Time. It was during Chill Internet Time that I decided I’d start a blog, and during that same time that I wrote most of my posts for the first few months of this blog. You know, those nice long ones, with lots of research, photos, recipes, etc.

As you may remember, I changed jobs nearly two years ago (wow, has it really been that long?). My current job is a lot more fulfilling and challenging, which is great. But…Chill Internet Time? No longer on the schedule.

It makes me sad when I think about the lack of love I’ve given this blog over the past few months. I still feel like I’m finding my blog “voice” and trying to decide what shape I want this blog to take. I don’t get paid for it, I don’t sell anything through it. It’s solely here for me to share through, for me to catalog my life and the things I enjoy. Thanks to Google Analytics, I know there are a number of you who are still out there reading, and I want to give you more content. I really like sharing new things, and this blog is a great way for me to do that.

So, what exactly am I trying to say? I’m not really sure. I’m still here. I still want to write, but I’m constantly dealing with lowering the expectations I have for myself (and my posts). I need to post more frequently and get over the idea that posts have to be painstakingly crafted or incredibly well-written. I also want to be more personal, to make this blog more about me and my life (whether or not anyone else finds it interesting).

I’m resurrecting Friday Faves this week (yay) and there’s some fun stuff, so I hope you’ll come back. ┬áThere are so many wonderful blogs out there, so if you’re reading (for whatever reason), thanks. Thanks for sticking around and for letting me share with you.

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  1. Van 21. Mar, 2012 at 6:43 pm #

    Keep at it! It takes a while to find your voice and the niche you want to stick in with writing. It helps to write about your passions and just have fun with it.

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