Cora: Seven Months

14 Mar

At seven months, Cora…

:: has fully embraced the joy of food. It’s such a mess, but it’s also so much fun to watch her try new things. I’ve been giving her lots of bits and pieces and also still letting her enjoy some purees. So far there hasn’t been anything she’s made crazy faces about or seemed to not like, which is pretty nice when your other children are squarely in the “picky” phase.

:: has mastered crawling and is now working on standing, sometimes unsupported save the grasp of a blanket or someone’s shirt. Her balance is getting better and better and she is always thrilled by her ability to steady herself on two feet.

:: is such a cheeseball. She is so happy, especially if someone is holding her and she has people to watch. She also loves to come around the corner to see me while grinning and making excited inhale/exhale noises (not sure how else to describe it, but it’s great).

:: grunts/growls when she is tired or is going to sleep. So funny, but pretty much her standard settling technique is rocking her head back and forth while growling. I need to record it for posterity.

:: has started to get a little nervous when Oliver is super close. He is currently going through a “I’m going to yell as loud as I can if I don’t like something” phase, and also a “whatever Cora has is the Thing I Desperately Need” phase. So there has been quite a lot of loud noises directed at her. She still loves him (and he loves giving her hugs and making silly faces to make her smile), but I’m a little more aware when the two of them are on the floor near each other.

:: is beginning to explore the great outdoors. I’ve let her crawl around on the grass a bit when it’s dry and not too sandy, and she will sometimes sit for up to five minutes before she starts trying to eat the grass.

:: finally enjoys bath time. She has definitely taken longer than her brothers (they were water fans from the beginning), but now as long as she isn’t too tired, she loves to sit in the bathtub and splash the water. Eventually she tries to drink it and tub time is over, but until now baths were quick and further between.

:: is probably going to have another tooth or two pop in soon. She’s been doing a lot more chewing on various things and drooling a bunch again. I’m hoping it won’t be too drawn out!

:: has such sweet squeals and giggles. I love making her crack up — baby laughs are the best!

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