Cora: Six Months

1 Mar

At six months, Cora…

:: Is a speed crawler. Once she figured it out, it took her all of a few days to start racing across the room.

:: Sits up with total control, and goes back and forth between sitting/crawling with ease.

:: Loves being out on our front porch to watch the trees and chew on Duplo blocks

:: Is somewhat ambivalent about food. She’s mostly just tried purees so far and she’ll eat a few tastes from a spoon, but gets wiggly after that. I think she’ll enjoy holding on to pieces of food but I’m not ready for all that mess yet!

:: Loves to roll balls across the room. She’ll push it forward, watch it roll, crawl to catch up with it…repeat!

:: Continues to be fascinated by ceiling fans.

:: Has two (very cute) teeth. I know more are coming but I’m hoping she has a little break from teething.

:: Has started to consolidate her naps a good bit, which has allowed our days to have a stronger rhythm. The boys and I are both glad for that.

:: Is beginning to have a bit of separation anxiety. She gets nervous when I give her to someone else, especially if it’s someone she doesn’t see every day.

:: Is so much more content in her car seat when we are driving. Whew.

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