Cora: Five Months

7 Jan

At five months, Cora…

:: is basically crawling. She gets up on all fours and then ooches or launches herself forward. She also will get up into a sortof downward dog position where her knees and elbows are off the floor and just rocks back and forth. It’s hilarious to watch and she’s moving faster and faster.

:: Loves to chew on everything, still. Although now I think it is more about teething (but still enjoying textures).

:: is going to sleep on her own for naps. !!! Amen and hallelujah. The boys NEVER did this. Never. She’s just got a different personality. After we got back from our Christmas trip, she would go to sleep without me holding her at bedtime, but for naps she still needed to be bounced to sleep–and then half the time she’d wake up as soon as I set her in the crib. I knew we needed to change something because we were both exhausted, so last week I told her that she was going to start going without bouncing for naps. She wasn’t stoked about it, but she never got hysterical and after a bit of grumping, she figured it out. Now I can turn on her white noise, turn off the lights, sing her a song, set her in her crib and leave. AND she’s taking at least one hour plus nap a day. It has made both me and her SOOOO much happier.

:: did great on our road trip to PA. We had do stop a lot because she would nap for about an hour and I could only keep her happy with toys and distractions for about an hour after that, but it was so much better than her screaming car seat hatred of past months. It was still exhausting but that’s just how things are when you have that far to go with three littles. But thankfully she is now generally happy in the car and has enough interest in toys and objects to be entertained.

:: had a great first Christmas. It was a lot, and she had a cold, but she had a lot of fun with all the attention from her relatives. She only tried to eat one piece of wrapping paper and even saw a tiny bit of snow fall from the sky!

:: is looking forward to trying some food. She’s started watching us eat and I can tell she’s wondering when she can get ahold of what’s on our plates. She’ll be six months before I know it and I’m curious to see what she enjoys.

:: loves to roll all over the place. Both directions, diagonally, everywhere. Combined with the pseudo-crawling, she’s gotten a pretty wide range of movement!

:: loves to smile. After being so particular and grumpy in her first few months, it’s hard to believe what a happy, sweet baby she is. So many things make her laugh and she is so curious about the world around her.

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