Cora: Four Months

10 Dec

At four months, Cora…

:: Rolls and rolls. She finally rolled from her belly to her back last week and has now been rolling across the house. I have to be more careful about how I set her down and make sure her trajectory isn’t going to head towards anything hard on the floor (she only rolls in one direction, lol).

:: Is now focused on scooting. She’s got a bit of scooting going on but also goes into “skydiver” mode and just growls because she isn’t moving forward. It’s pretty entertaining.

:: Enjoys playing peekaboo (and thinks it’s hilarious)

:: Chews on everything. I think at this point it’s less about teething and more just exploring the textures of whatever she’s holding.

:: Hates the car seat again. Boo. Especially because we have a 12 hour (broken up over two days) road trip coming up at Christmas. I’m still praying she will be better used to it at that point!

:: Has been going to bed a bit better but is also consistently waking around 5am most days (along with her other few nighttime wakings). At that point I can only get her to go back to sleep by bouncing her, which is not ideal that early, and usually I can’t fall back asleep. Please let this be a phase…

:: Loves watching the leaves fall. We have a few trees in our front yard that have been shedding their leaves over the last few weeks and Cora really enjoys being on the font porch, watching them float to the ground.

:: Still smiles and laughs more for her brothers than for anybody else.

:: Loves being held by her dad, unless she thinks he is trying to get her to sleep. In which case she will scream with the fury of a dragon.

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