Cora: Three Months

22 Oct

At three months, Cora…

:: just got past the 12 week growth spurt. Whew. That was a doozy. There was a week where I thought I might never sleep again, but thankfully the past few nights have been much more normal.

:: went to Nashville! A friend of mine (and her one year old) went with me and Cora to the Wild + Free Conference in Nashville. It was a blast, although not relaxing by any means thanks to the babies. They did really well though, even on the late night flight back!

:: is insanely fast at rolling over (from her back to her belly). Just a couple of weeks after I posted her 2 month update, she figured it out (at the tail end of our trip to Nashville). She hasn’t worked out how to roll back yet but is propping herself up super far on her elbows.

:: backward scoots. She loves to dig her heels into the carpet and ooch herself backwards. One morning she scooted all the way from the rug by our dresser, to our bed. If I hadn’t picked her up, she definitely would’ve scooted UNDER the bed!

:: loves her brothers. They really make her smile, and both of them have continued to be so sweet to her. I’m sure there will be some changing emotions once she starts getting more active and “into” their stuff, but I’m glad that right now they are really adorable with each other.

:: has quite a bit of hair. More than Ollie or Charlie did at this stage!

:: looks SO much like her dad. It’s almost comical, especially when he is holding her.

:: is having longer periods of happy awake time.

:: loves watching ceiling fans. It’s like her own personal mobile, and since we have quite a few in our house, she’s a lucky girl.

:: is big enough to go in the Ergo (with the extra lift cushion). I’m glad, because it’s definitely more comfortable for my back than the soft wrap.

:: finally (whew) doesn’t HATE the car seat. It’s still not her favorite place to be but at least she doesn’t spend the entire car ride screaming at the top of her lungs.

:: is content enough to let me sit and hold her in my lap. I know, shocking! But up until a few weeks ago, she would generally grump if we weren’t standing while holding her.

:: loves to grasp her hands together. She figured out how to do it pretty early on and it’s usually her default when someone is holding her.

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