Cora: Two Months

24 Sep

At two months, Cora…

:: Has chilled out a bit (a little bit). We had a pretty grumpy patch from about 6 – 8 weeks but now she is generally happier, thank goodness.

:: Enjoys much more time lying on the floor, watching things around her and moving her arms and legs. Oftentimes if I lie next to her and let her hold on to my finger, she will pull herself over onto her stomach.

:: Wants to roll over by herself. Like, REAL bad.

:: Does not like being in the car seat unless she is sleepy and can fall asleep in it. Car rides when she is fully awake mean a crying, angry baby!

:: Laughed for the first time! It was really sweet and I actually caught it on camera, which I am super happy about. Baby laughs are my favorite.

:: Smiles if you get very close and say her name and talk to her about her day.

:: Loves to be carried facing out, in football hold. Which means she will drool all over whatever arm you’re holding her with, but at least she’s happy.

:: Has started rotating. When I lay her down and go help the boys with something, she’s in a different position by the time I come back.

:: Sneezes in fours. I’m pretty sure Charlie used to do double sneezes and Oliver sneezed in threes, so this is pretty amusing to me.

:: Likes when Charlie rubs her head. He is super sweet and gentle with her.

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