Cora: One Month

26 Aug

At one month, Cora…

:: has rolls on rolls on rolls. She’s following after Ollie in the chunk department, and I can’t get enough of her sweetness.

:: weighs 10 pounds!

:: Is a very light sleeper. She has a hard time falling asleep in the car seat or if I’m walking around holding her. But she’s finally able to go to sleep on her own in the co-sleeper at least a few times a day (which, oh my goodness. Is amazing. Neither of my boys could do that and I have been SO thankful she is able to sometimes.) She does love being in the wrap and sleeps well there, but the heat makes that not the best option most of the time.

:: Speaking of heat, it remains to be seen if it’s because she’s a Florida summer baby or if it’s just how she is, but man, girlfriend is sweaty. I feel like she’s going to slide out of my arms if we go outside for more than ten minutes.

:: Is not a fan of the sun. She likes to be outside late in the evening, but otherwise it’s definitely not her favorite place right now.

:: Loves watching her brothers make faces at her. Charlie likes to “pet her head” and is convinced that it will always make her stop crying. Oliver is always asking where she is if I’m not holding her and doesn’t at all understand the concept of being a little quieter when she is sleeping.

:: Sleeps like a standard baby at night. Some nights are better than others, and most of the time she’ll eat and go right back to sleep. Hopefully I’ll start getting some longer stretches soon.

:: Has just started to make sweet little cooing baby noises. It’s been so much fun to see her wake up more and more to the world.

:: Loves laying on her changing pad during diaper changes. I’m always so glad to get past those first few weeks when every diaper change is filled with screaming. Now she kicks around happily and makes fun faces.

:: Has smiled once or twice but that’s about it so far. I think we’ll see more of that this coming week.

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