Oliver: Nine and Ten Months

3 May



Combined post because the past two months have been such a blur! At nine and ten months, Oliver…

:: Has this really fun position that he likes where he’s up on one knee with the other leg diagonally to his side. Very yoga-like and very cute.

:: Loves paper. Oranges. Hot Cross buns.

:: Likes to gouge my face with his sharp, tiny fingernails. Or pull my hair, if he’s lying next to me for a nap and can’t fall asleep.

:: Still super fascinated by Charlie.

:: Has been a super velcro baby lately, not wanting me to put him down or leave the room. I blame teeth.

:: Is starting to enjoy being “dipped” upside down for a moment, but still doesn’t like too much motion (like being thrown up in the air).

:: Visited Rome and was fawned over by every Italian woman over the age of 50. “Dulci!” they would exclaim.

:: Speed crawls. To the point that sometimes he’ll faceplant because his legs get ahead of his hands.

:: Cruises all over the place. He’s starting to bridge some of the gaps at wider and wider distances by barely even touching the furniture.

:: Babbles like crazy, with new sounds showing up constantly.

:: Likes riding in the ergo on my back like a koala bear.

:: Has two top teeth and two bottom teeth, with more threatening to break through at any moment.

:: Growls. Not at anything consistent, but it cracks me up.

:: Has a super cackly-laugh/giggle that I wish I could bottle up.

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