Oliver: Eight Months

1 Mar


A little late, but at 8 Months, Oliver…

:: Is a total live wire. Kid cannot be contained. The only way he will happily stay in my arms is if he is A) tired B) held while I am standing. If I sit down, he immediately tries to wriggle free, and getting him dressed/changed? It’s ridiculous. I’ve already started with the standing diaper changes as he won’t stay on his back for more than a millisecond.

:: Has two bottom teeth. They were not fun but glad they’ve finally come through!

:: Still adores his brother and will cross a room at lightning speed to get close to him.

:: Is starting to work on standing on his own — just for a few seconds at a time, then back to cruising around on the furniture.

:: Has a super adorable laugh that I just can’t get enough of.

:: Loves oranges. Not a fan of purees (which I actually tried a bit this time — Charlie was Baby Led Weaning all the way). Likes bananas but isn’t totally sure about their texture. Big fan of cucumbers, not super interested in much of the other things i’ve given him (but he’ll try nearly anything).

:: Had a bout with pinkeye (conjunctivitis) in both eyes, which was super sad but thankfully didn’t keep him down too much.

:: Loves to bounce up and down if I’m holding him. Also loves to bop and “dance” in his high chair if Caleb starts doing similar motions.

:: Is a chatterbox. The variety of noises and words that he puts together are so much fun to listen to.

:: Has an obsession with trying to eat paper and plastic. He will go to great lengths to acquire them and is very, very unhappy when I take them away!

:: Likes to play peek-a-boo in the bath tub and gets really excited about it, laughing and splashing the water.

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