Oliver: Seven Months

25 Jan


At seven months, Oliver…

:: Has tasted lots of different foods but not really been interested in actually eating any of them. He’s been most excited about licking/gumming on an apple, but I think that was more of a teething thing. I’m hoping to get the high chair out of the attic tomorrow so he can have a little more space for BLW (Baby Led Weaning) while the rest of us are eating. I’ve been trying to give him tastes of things but meals are always so involved that I feel like it just doesn’t happen as easily.

:: Is a lightning fast crawler. He started crawling a couple weeks before he turned 7 months and is such a pro. It’s a little scary. He’s already into climbing over things, going through tunnels, etc.

:: Has gotten a bit more serious. Exploring the world is an important job! There was a definite shift once he figured out crawling from being totally entertained and goofy all the time to making “discover all the things” his number one priority.

:: The exploring has also led to him pulling up to stand and even starting to cruise on the furniture or whatever he’s able to pull up on. Which in turn has led to multiple daily bumps when he tips over or loses his grip.

:: Loves his brother. He will follow Charlie anywhere and is always the most interested in whatever Charlie has. Charlie, while much more tolerant of Oliver than he used to be (I could even say he likes him a fair amount of the time), is not such a big fan. He tends to freak out when Oliver is touching him, or very passionately declares his ownership of whatever item Oliver wants to touch. Totally normal toddler/baby sibling stuff, and as long as there’s no threat of physical harm, I try to stay out of it. I’m enjoying watching them build their own sibling relationship and every day brings a new shared experience for the two of them.

:: Has started to say “ma ma ma” a little, especially if he’s with his dad and seems to want me. I’m not 100% convinced he’s making the connection but it does seem like he means me when he’s saying it!

:: Thinks his reflection/image his hilarious. Anytime I let him look at himself on my phone he just giggles and grins.

:: Has had his first tooth break through. Finally. The poor kid has been a drooling mess for weeks, and his sleep…well, it’s not been pretty. But now that I can feel the entire top ridge of his first tooth, I’m hoping maybe his mouth will start feeling better. I’m definitely ready for him to sleep better, and I’m sure he is too.

:: Is getting a lot more hair — I feel like it’s coming in more quickly (and darker) than it did with Charlie. I still can’t tell if it’s curly or not, but since Caleb’s genes seem to run stronger in him, I think he’s got pretty good odds.

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