Oliver: Six Months

2 Jan


At six months, Oliver…

:: is a pro at scooting. He can go across a room in minutes if he’s got the right motivation.

:: has the crawl position down. He likes to get up on all fours and rock back and forth, followed by a scoot forward and then into army crawling territory.

:: almost has the sitting position figured out. I’ve let him do his thing and without any help from me, he’s been working on backing up from his crawl position onto his bottom and propping himself up with his hands. He has this awesome semi-reclining greek-esque pose where he’ll use one hand to investigate a toy and the other to keep his balance. I love all the fun little positions that happen in between the bigger developmental milestones like crawling and sitting.

:: is ticklish. I try not to bug him too much but it’s a lot of fun to give his chunky legs a little squeeze and watch him chuckle.

:: hasn’t really eaten much food yet. It’s been a busy month and the timing just hasn’t worked out for him to really get started on solids. He’s had a few bites of sweet potato and gummed around on a banana, but I’m looking forward to seeing what else he enjoys once we get back in the regular routine of things.

:: Loves to see what his older brother is doing. Nothing makes him scoot faster than Charlie playing with something cool in his general vicinity.

:: Is wearing 9 month clothing and still covered in rolls. He’s not massive by any means but what a little chunk.

:: Has thoroughly enjoyed all the attention from his adoring relatives during our travels in the USA.

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