Oliver: Five Months

15 Nov


At five months, Oliver…

:: Has started scooting (?!). I know. Not far yet, and it takes him a lot of work, but it’s all he wants to do right now. He’s got major crawl action going with his legs, getting on his knees and everything, but hasn’t figured out that he needs to push his upper body up at the same time. I’m excited for him but, yikes! I’m not ready for a mobile baby! It’s hard enough watching the two boys with one still staying (generally) in one place.

:: Also enjoys rolling around, doing what we call the “skydiver” pose (lying on his stomach and putting his arms back, whilst puffing up his chest and looking around), grabbing his toes, and trying to chew on everything.

:: Is still toothless, although he has started to get some toothy texture in his lower front gums. I can almost feel them poking up, but it could still be ages before they appear.

:: Received his passport and his BRP visa, which means we are all heading to the USA soon for an extended visit. Unfortunately, his BRP visa will expire at the same time as all of our visas (in March), meaning I have to reapply (and re-pay the $1000 fee) for him along with ours. Yuck.

:: Still wiggles, wiggles, wiggles. Nonstop. I’m a bit nervous about how he’s going to do on our long flight to the US, because he loves moving around on the floor so much and often tries to arch out of my arms if I’m holding him. Hopefully we’ll luck out and get the bulkhead or a bassinet attachment!

:: Discovered how much fun it is to screech like a pterodactyl. He will grin like mad and make the wildest noises. Also not super fun on an airplane…

:: Smiles at anyone and everyone. Which will hopefully make up for any disruptions he causes while flying. He grins away the second someone smiles at him, causing all sorts of baby talk and exclamations from old ladies when we are in town.

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