Oliver: Four Months

17 Oct


At four months, Oliver…

:: Has a super cute laugh. I mean, pretty much all babies do, but of course as his mom I find Oliver’s particularly grin-inducing. It takes a little work, but once you have him smiling enough, it’s bound to happen (squeals and all).

:: Has a cold. Just a small one, thankfully, mainly with watery eyes and some extra coughing. It’s been going around as the seasons are shifting, and I’m just hoping that our upcoming travels will help us avoid some of the other bugs that start multiplying like crazy over here.

:: Got all his paperwork in! We are hoping to head back to the USA for a visit over the holidays, and due to Caleb’s brother getting married just before Thanksgiving, we’ve bumped up our travel plans a bit. We had to rush everything but so far it seems like we will probably get Oliver’s passport just in time for our travels.

:: Enjoyed traipsing around London. We had to go to the U.S. Embassy in London to file a number of different forms in order to make Oliver an official U.S. Citizen (still seems crazy to think that he will always be telling people that he was born in Wales). It was a long day and a half of bus travel, riding on the tube, waiting and more waiting, but Oliver didn’t mind and even enjoyed wiggling around on a blanket at the British Museum.

:: Is really, really wiggly. It takes me forever to get him dressed or changed because he just doesn’t stop moving around. Right now his favorite thing is to grab his toes, and every time I move him back to start putting his trousers on, he grabs them again. And again. And again.

:: Loves texture. He’s an especially big fan of different fabrics and still loves to pull them over his head.

:: Loves watching his older brother. On days when Charlie is out doing something with his dad, Oliver is always extra needy. But if Charlie is around, he is as happy as a clam just being a spectator.

:: Started rolling over! It seems like he’s been practicing all month long, but just yesterday he used his crib bars to help push himself all the way over, and today he’s done it 3-4 times in different places. I’m really excited for him (he seems so pleased with himself), but I am also hoping his mobility stays low for a while.

:: Hit the 4 month sleep regression (Google it if you need to, not fun), and hit it hard. He was happily falling asleep on his own (Charlie didn’t do that until he was nearly two) really well for the past month, and would almost always sleep a really nice long stretch for the first part of the night. Now it takes lots of re-assurance, there are tears no matter what, and he’s waking up about a bajillion times a night. There’s a lot going on for him developmentally right now and I know that his sleep cycles are changing, but I will be very glad to be past this phase. Especially because both boys have started getting up at 6am (they were normally waking around 7/7:30am) and we have a time change coming up, not to mention a massive amount of jet lag and major change in routine! Here’s to coffee…

:: Really enjoys talking to himself and is starting to make new noises all the time.

:: Is solidly in 3-6 month clothing and still covered in rolls. I love it.

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