Thirteen Months

2 Feb


At 13 months, Charlie…

:: makes me smile more every day. He is just so, so happy.

:: has yet to take his first official steps, but is getting much closer. He loves walking with me holding his hands, but still zooms across the floor crawling most of the time. He’s gotten to be ridiculously fast at going up and down the stairs, which makes me both proud and nervous.

:: also makes me nervous by standing on his own…in scary places, like on top of his little chair, or the top steps.

:: has started singing in his sleep, which is pretty much the cutest thing ever.

:: loves looking at his books. They’re upside down half the time, but he’s obsessed with opening and closing them and turning the pages.

:: is also fascinated by putting things in other things, and opening and closing containers. He has a new respect for his nesting cups!

:: has tooth number six, with number seven almost through. Teeth, man, they are not fun.

:: said “Bye dad!” the other day when Caleb was leaving and it blew us away.

:: does the sign for “all done” as well as his own new sign for “more” (which looks nearly identical to “all done”).

:: likes to push things across the floor, such as the laundry basket, the trash can, chairs, his high chair…

:: has explored our neighborhood and the mountain path near our house in the Ergo. Looking forward to better weather when we can get outside a bit more!

:: is an eating machine. He would eat meat all day long, and also loves cheese, eggs, broccoli, mangos and yogurt. So far the only things he won’t eat is grapes, raisins, or tomatoes (which is funny because he used to eat all of them).

:: has started rocking a bit of a baby mullet. I think we can get by for a few more weeks but at some point I’m going to have to attempt a haircut.

:: thinks it’s hilarious when we brush our teeth. He mainly just sucks on his toothbrush but cracks up at me brushing my teeth.

:: still hates wearing hats inside, and will do everything in his power to remove bibs the second they’re around his neck.

:: sings all the time. Baby singing, it is so adorable. I hope he sings to himself for a long time to come.

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